Moving house

Moving house can be a tricky process, with tons of things to remember, and a million and one things to think about. There’s always a sense of impending doom too, with big events like this; as if you’ve forgotten something. You know what we mean, don’t you? Well, we’re here to help you! We’ve got the most essential things to remember when moving home, to help make your move as simple and stress free as possible.

Moving house

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1. Go through every room of your house and sell/give to charity/throw away the things that you could do without taking with you. This is best done as soon as you decide to move, so you have plenty of time to sell any items. It’ll be a weight off your shoulders!

2. If you need to use professional movers to help you move research different companies and ask your friends for referrals. Try Hadley & Ottatway Ltd in Cambridge to get you started!

3. If you’re going to try to move by yourselves, consider the kind of vehicle you’ll need to rent to move all of your stuff. You might want to give friends and family a heads up too, and ask if they’d be so kind to help you.

4. If you’re moving yourself, you’ll need plenty of boxes to store your things. To ensure you get the sizes you need, you can order them from the internet. Alternatively, you can ask local supermarkets if they’d be so kind as to give you their old boxes.

5. Remember that smaller boxes are much easier to lift. Don’t try to make it easier by having just a couple of large boxes, as they’ll be very heavy and near impossible to move!

6. Pack as far in advance as you can, as it nearly always takes longer than expected. Pack away things you wont need or use for a while.

7. Give everybody your new address; family and friends, the post office so your mail can be forwarded to you, your employer, the tax office, the bank, etc. Don’t forget anybody!

8. You can now compare home insurance policies and utility providers to see if you can save any money. Be sure to make sure you’re not tied into a contract first though, or you’ll end up paying double!

9. Why not number all of your boxes and list everything in each box? It might take you a while, but you’ll be so grateful when you find that jar of coffee or remote control in no time at all!

10. You can’t rush moving, so don’t think that you’ll be able to unpack your belongings and have the perfect home in one day. It’ll probably take longer than a week! Our advice is to do the bedrooms first, that way everyone has their own space to relax and sleep in, even if everywhere else is messy.

If you remember just these 10 essential things, you can make your move much more enjoyable. Good luck!