Beautiful home

You don’t have to go out and exhaust your bank account for home improvement or improving your home’s appearance. In other words, there are tons of ways to get your home looking the way you want for less than what you expect and many of those ways can be done by visiting your local department store, hobby shop etc.  So with that being said, you will be provided 11 home improvement tips that can save you money.Beautiful home

#1 Decorative Electrical Plate Covers

Although this is a small improvement, adding a decorative electrical plate cover to accent the color of one’s room or furniture can add pizazz. Decorative Electrical Plate Cover can be found online or at your local retail, hobby shop etc. Some think it’s best to shop online because you will get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of selections including those that are of different material. If you are creative, you can buy a solid color electrical plate cover and decorative it yourself.

#2 Magnetic Kitchen Appliance Covers

Instead of replacing your refrigerator or dishwasher for those “Top Notch” appliances, consider purchasing a magnetic kitchen appliance covers. This most perfect piece of decorative material is like small magnets only difference is that they cover the entire surface. They are also 90 times cheaper than buying a newer appliance with the highest magnetic cover being priced at $100. Purchasing this will save you up to 3,000 depending on the refrigerator you are wanting and you will have the ability to show you uniqueness when guest comes over for dinner parties.

#3 Decorative Window Film

Adding decorative window films to any window adds class and makes the outside of the home pop. Decorative Window Films can be purchases as one of the following: self-clinging, vinyl or adhesive and will more likely cost you anywhere under $150. The next best thing about these window films is that when users get tire of the decoration they can easily be removed.

#4 Fabric Wall Coverings

Easy way to change a room’s entire look without having to repaint or wallpapering is by covering your walls with fabric. The easiest way to put up fabric wall covering is by nailing carpet tacking strips (depending on where you reside could cost you about 10 cents per linear foot) around the perimeter of the wall allowing a foot or so between. Then stretch and attach the fabric swaths to the tacking strips. However, be sure to have the edge of the fabric doubled back over. Have no fear, this can be easily taken down and even replaced seasonally without any problems.

#5 Window Insulation

Window insulation can come in handy especially when the air gets too cold and heating your home becomes a major problem. Insulation is very inexpensive and very easy to find in your locale hardware or home improvement store. All you have to do is mist water onto the windowpane and then apply a proper sized piece of plastic bubble wrap on the glass with bubble-side facing the window. This method lasts for months and is easily removable.

#6 Door Sweep

Door sweeps costs a couple of dollars and is one of the quickest yet easiest was to instantly save money instantly. Door sweeps are used to keep cold air out and depending on the type you purchase, it can be installed at the bottom of the door with either screws or self-stick adhesive.

#7 Air Dry your Clothes

The use of clothes dryers can dramatically increase the amount of energy used.  Eliminating your usage of your clothes dryer can slash you utility bills allowing you to save money for other useful and important things. If you don’t have the outside clothes line, you can invest in an indoor drying rack that will hold a complete load of clothes. They can be found at any retail store.

#8 Water Heater Blanket

Water heater blanket will cost you about $20 dollars and is very easy to put on. The use of a water heater blanket helps the water inside the tank to warm. In other words, the water heater won’t have to work as hard.

#9 Power Strip

The use of power strips can help you save up to 10% in your electric bill. Did you know if you plug anything with a remote, continuous display or even a charging cord they are still using electricity regardless of being in use or not.

#10 Energy Saving bulb

The use of energy saving bulbs can dramatically decrease your energy usage. The percentage you save depends on the watts you are planning on using. Energy saving bulbs also last longer than traditional bulbs which is another plus.

#11 Program your thermostat

Purchasing a programmable thermostat will allow you the advantage of saving 10% of your utility bills. Programmable thermostats can be to automatically adjust the temperature while you’re away.


Now that you have gain immediate knowledge on how to improve home, you can rest assure that you have opened doors to saving thousands per year on energy and a ton of other things. For more serious works it is best to call in a local property renovation company.