Bedroom Closet

Bedrooms are our sanctuaries, meant for rest and retreat. These rooms are our most private spaces, and for that reason, can often be overlooked when it comes to keeping things neat and tidy. But nothing cools the mood or clutters up peaceful thoughts faster than a disorganized overflowing closet. So forget about rest for now – and get cracking on these great tips for organizing your bedroom closet. You will thank yourself later.

Bedroom Closet

Clothes! Clothes! Clothes!

The biggest problem area for most people is keeping clothes well organized. Whether clothing ends up crumpled on the floor or lost at the back of an over-full closet, the way we manage our clothes can definitely use some improvement.

  1. Winter Summer Spring and Faa-alll

Make more room in your closet by sorting through your clothes seasonally. Be realistic about what you did and didn’t wear. Store your out-of-season clothes in boxes up high or under the bed. Unused items can be donated to charity or sold online. By eliminating clutter every 3-4 months, your closet will stay streamlined and compact. Put your seasonal switch-out on the calendar and keep on it.

  1. Categorize: Group clothing by category to make putting together outfits easier. Dress pants, jeans, casual shirts, work tops; whatever makes sense for you. Within each of these categories:
  2. Color code: Arrange clothes by color, from light to dark. This creates a sense of visual calm and, importantly, also makes it easier to locate a certain piece you have in mind.
  3. Eye Spy: Store your most-used items at eye level, lesser-used items at the bottom of your closet, and least-used items up top.

Hanging Out

Clothes hangers are NOT your grandmother’s hangers anymore. Those old wire hangers might have worked fine back in the day, but c’mon, we all have smartphones now.

  1. Like with Like. Invest in some coordinated hangers. Doing so will go a surprisingly long way in creating a clean look that will make you want to take care of your clothes and stay organized.
  2. Made Of? Proper clothing care calls for appropriate hangers: satin padding is perfect for delicate items and sturdy wood hangers are best for heavier items like jackets. Felt hangers are great for day-to-day use because they keep items from slipping off, and come in many coordinating colors.
  3. Double Down. There are lots of great products on the market that allow you to extend and double the number of pieces that fit on each hanger. For the closet-challenged, these magic doublers are a great option.
  4. Pro Tip. Hang your clothes with the hanger facing out or “backwards”. Once an item is worn, hang it facing in. This will help you know when things need to be washed, and will also clue you in about which items are never being worn. When your seasonal swap comes around, these items can be donated.

Coral Your Shoes:

Keeping shoes neat and tidy can be daunting – especially if your habit is to kick them off into an ever-growing pile. But invest in a few key storage accessories and kick-off a new era of organization.

  1. Rack It: Shoe racks, cubbies or tiered shelves are the way to go. Buy a pre-fab unit or opt for a DIY custom solution. Corralling your shoes will free up much-needed closet space.
  2. Box It: For lesser-used shoes, clear plastic boxes are perfect. They stack compactly, and allow you total visibility, keeping your shoes stored but handy.
  3. Hang It: Canvas shelves offer an inexpensive shoe storage alternative, while a hanging boot rack is the perfect solution for tall and winter boots. Hang multiple pairs in a slim vertical space and rejoice at your clutter-free zone.

Closet Extras

Go after a few key closet extras like:

  1. Shelf Dividers: to tame those stacks of folded clothes.
  2. Stackable Bins: get some with pull-out drawers to store smaller items like undies, scarves or belts.
  3. Back-of-the-Door: add a rack or some hooks to make the most of the unused space behind a closet door.

Now that your closet is in tiptop shape… take a rest! You deserve it.

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