Instances of robbery in Brisbane have been decreasing yearly, and that is a wonderful development in safety management. However, that doesn’t mean this type of crime has been completely eradicated. Avoid being an addition to the number of victims and take action immediately.

Why not upgrade by installing other security features like smart locks, biometrics, and security cameras to monitor the entire area?

No More Sleepless Nights With Smart Locks

Searching for locks, which can provide maximum security especially if you have children? Smart locks are a good choice. You can come and go without worrying about keys. Aside from that, you’ll get a notification on whoever come and left your home.

This can be handy too if you’ll pair with a compatible smart doorbell. When one of your service workers, family member or a friend rings it while you’re gone, you can easily (as well as visually) confirm who is it and confirm it right away.

Additionally, smart locks can upgrade their convenience factor and the security around your home. Hence, you don’t need anymore to stay awake all night long for your family’s safety.

Have Peace Of Mind With A Security Screen Door

Anyone wishing to gain entry illegally to a property will always go for the “weakest link.” This link refers to the lock. Yes, the building may have a simple “Yale” style lock that anyone can pick, but it is not far from our knowledge that there are no bolts or deadlocks, which are harder to get by.

Burglars could “jimmy” the door from the frame. They may gain entry by splitting the frame open. If they see that the door has a “glass screen,” they can smash the glass, open the lock, or climb through the broken glass screen.

Security doors in Brisbane use a form of toughened glass, which makes it very difficult for potential burglars to smash their way in using a baseball bat or a hammer.  You see, the glass can be processed in a special way to make it stronger. Thin layers of special plastic laminates are added to strengthen it.

Monitor the Entrance Area with a Security Camera

Through well-installed security camera, you will see what (or who) is going and coming even you are from afar. However, you need to be tactful about its placement. You should consider the blind spots within your house.

Put one camera that points on your front porch, showing who is at the entry point. It will discourage delivery burglars. You should also place in your family room so you can monitor your dog when they are away.

Final Thoughts

The issue with security should never be taken lightly. Being confident with a bolt lock to hold your door isn’t good enough. People can easily pick those locks. Think about it before you decline an offer to have a new gadget or door security installed. We are talking about the security of your family and belongings.