Have you ever tried to finish a project without a place to sit and focus? It’s difficult, especially if your materials end up spread out around the rest of your house. No matter the size, style or floor plan of your home, a dedicated workspace gives you the space you need to get in the zone and finish whatever you’re working on.

Not everyone has a spare room that they can turn into a home office, and that’s perfectly OK. Whether your workstation will be in its own, private room or just a corner in the living room, there are a few staples you’ll need to make sure that it looks good and functions well.

Here are three tips for creating a workspace at home that’s stylish, comfortable and inviting:

Have a Seat

When you set about making your at-home workspace, you don’t have to buy an imposing office chair from a specialty supply catalog. But you do need a seat that’s ergonomic enough to support you for hours. You don’t want backaches, nor to be shifting around constantly trying to find that ever-elusive comfortable spot!

Choosing a sleek, modern office chair with wheels is a great way to increase your mobility without investing in a bulky eyesore. The timeless, mid-century designs of Danish designer Hans J. Wegner come to mind. You want something you can tuck underneath your table or desk, but also settle into and get comfortable for at least a few hours.

Since your home workspace is an investment for your professional and personal future, you may want to spring for a seat in leather or fabric upholstery. Not only do these materials feel great, but they lend an air of timelessness to your living space.

Surface Matters

Which surface currently holds your laptop, notebook or tablet? Be honest. If your answer is “a pillow on my lap on the couch” or “an unused corner of my kitchen table,” then it’s time to invest in the home office furniture you deserve.

You might think that your home can’t handle a huge, ornate desk that requires professional movers and a lot of hassle. And you’re right. The good news is that modern desks are all about clean lines, unobtrusive design and practical materials. There’s a shape to fit your new workspace, even if you only have a few square feet at your disposal.

The exciting combinations of materials—wood, metal, plastic and glass—will keep your at-home workspace from feeling stuffy. After all, you want to open the floodgates of inspiration and produce your best work sitting at this new desk!

Keep it Bright

The last thing you want is to emulate a dark, dusty traditional office from years past. Not only will it hamper your creativity, but you may find yourself nodding off while desperately trying to focus on the task at hand.

Your home workspace needs a dose of refreshing brightness. Natural light is a great start, but what if you’re planning on burning the midnight oil? You don’t want to strain your eyes trying to see what you’re doing in the dark. Make sure you have plenty of bright lighting sources scattered around.

A table lamp is the obvious choice, preferably a model that can move flexibly. You can also try a floor lamp next to your desk, or recessed lighting shining down from above. Either way, the key is to achieve a mix of task lighting and general ambiance through your lighting fixtures.

Every home needs a workspace, ranging from the most basic desk-chair-lamp setup to an elaborate home office complete with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. So invest in a modern desk, chair and light and the rest will fall into place; remember, you can’t go wrong with the basics