There is a lot of advice out there on how to create the perfect bedroom space. Designers champion style with the best managing to combine both style and function. The feng shui advocates believes getting the layout ‘right’ will bring inner peace and sweet dreams. Meanwhile, many more of us just dream of a calm space with plenty of storage and a door we can close at the end of the day.

Whatever your personal preference, here are four areas to think about and in order to decide what ‘perfect’ translates to mean for you. After all, your bedroom is exactly that: the space within a home that is entirely yours and as such only you can decide what it should look like and / or have within it.

Colour Schemes

When deciding what colours to include, incorporate or furnish the walls and upholstery with in a bedroom it will always be a matter of taste. Yes, bedroom colours can be ‘fashionable’, but it is inadvisable to be too swayed by current trends as bedroom decor vogues change far more often that the average person will or can afford (or would even want to) redecorate. Hence, whilst rushing out to purchase a stack of this year or even this season’s bedroom ‘must have’ decor designs might be tempting, instead simply take a look in your wardrobe.

For most of us our wardrobes are full of the colours we find inspire us and we enjoy, and what we enjoy and are happy to wear are often also colours we would be equally reassured by being surrounded by as we sleep. Then, perhaps ignore that ‘going out’ end of the closet that perhaps is most likely to include a few neon items or ‘out there’ patterns, but take a close look at the over all ‘colour’ of what greets you; if your wardrobe is decked out in earthy natural tones, pastel shades or many variations of a particular colour, such as a purple or green, it might be an idea to explore similarily themed colour schemes when searching to create the perfect bedroom.

Further, to learn subsequently how to tie together different colours or incorporate patterns into unified design schemes, the ‘35+ Colourful Bedrooms That Will Inspire You to Re-decorate’ gallery featured on the House Beautiful website is a great source of ideas and inspiration.

Beds and Bedding

So often when a bedroom gets redecorated a bed too gets replaced along with duvet covers and pillow cases. In contrast, often the same old pillows, duvets and even mattresses are returned to the room and simply dressed up in new patterns. Arguably, a far more sleep inducing and comfort maximising idea is to return the same bed or even upcycle an existing frame and do away with your old bedding.

The point is that whilst obviously new additions such as bed spreads and bed frames can make exciting purchases, a bedroom is a space in which comfort champions all and without which the perfect bedroom cannot be realised. After all, a bedroom first and foremost is not a fashion statement, but a quiet place in which to retreat and sleep. Hence, the trick to the perfect bed, as this should in both design and function be the centre piece of any bedroom, is not in finding a new bedframe or bed spread, but in shopping for necessary items such as the perfect pillows via a specialist bedding vompany such as Sleepy People whose website and blog further provides professional advice on what to plump for.

Equally, it is well worth considering replacing duvets with seasonal duvets to dispence with the need for electric blankets or doing without blankets in the summer months and furnishing a new mattress or revitalising an existing one with the addition of a memory foam mattress topper, which Sleepy People also offer a wide range of, and which instantly add a sumptuous extra layer of comfort to a bed of any size, type or age.

Bits, Bobs and Blingy Bedknobs

Unlike a communal space such as a living room which the whole family and any visitors will be sharing the use of and so can stand to be even a little cluttered with interesting bits and bobs, bedrooms are a very personal space which work best when kept uncluttered, allowing the mind to relax and a person to unwind well away from the chaos of the everyday.

Hence, when it comes to adding touches to a bedroom it is best to keep things simple.

Firstly, consider function. If, for example, your bedroom requires storage for a book collection or, to give another example, additional wardrobes to house a shoe or clothing collection it is often best to create a clever space around that theme, and which frames a bedroom’s centre piece and nucleus – i.e. your bed, instead of piling up the pillows, busying windowsills with trinkets and investing in superfluous furniture pieces that are likely to end up functioning as ‘clutter points’.

Lastly, to add a personal touch to a bedroom or introduce elements of your personality or which hold personal significance such as photographs and motifs, consider creating a feature wall. The beauty of a gallery wall in place of loud wallpaper or standalone items is that should your taste change so to can the pictures within the frames. Equally, should you bore of the feature entirely, it can be removed without compromising the scheme of the room.

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