Losing heat in the middle of the night is not only inconvenient, but it can indicate serious problems with the boiler. To take care of any issues your boiler is having, you should have a Gas Safe certified engineer exam the boiler and make repairs. Here are four issues which could cause your heating system to shut down or lose heat.

Condensation in the Pipes

When it is extremely cold in the winter, the condensation in the heating system’s pipes can freeze and create a blockage. The blockage will then cause the condensate to “back up” and cause the boiler to shut down. When this happens, you will need an engineer to thaw the pipes in order to get the heating system running again.

Loss of Pressure

If your boiler loses pressure, then you will not no longer be getting adequate heat from the system. The most common problem causing low pressure is a water leak. A Gas Safe engineer can examine the system to find the leak and repair it so the pressure goes back up, and your home is once again properly heated.

Bad Thermostat

If the system’s thermostat is going bad, it can cause the boiler to shut on and off. The temperature setting can also be misread and your house will not be adequately heated during the winter. Maidstone plumbers can replace the thermostat to get the heating system working properly again.

Air in the Radiators

If you can feel heat at the bottom of the radiators, but it isn’t reaching the top, then there is probably air in the system. This will need to be resolved by a power flush, which can be done by a local plumbing company.

Most problems can be avoided with regular boiler maintenance, but emergencies can still occur. If they do, many plumbers offer 24-hour emergency service to get the heat flowing in your home again.