Young woman are sticking floor care pad at the table legs

Despite the availability of tile options that look like hardwood flooring as well as engineered stones closely resembling marble, hardwood is still very popular.

We’re not surprised given the advantages of hardwood flooring. For one thing, hardwood floors are less prone to damage. They tend to attract less dust, allergens, and mold which is why they are a healthier option compared to carpet.

Hardwood floors can also last a long time. But only if you take steps to protect them. Aside from using furniture floor protector during a move or while rearranging furniture, here are some ways you can keep your hardwood flooring looking great.

Cover your hardwood floors.

Dents, scrapes, and scratches are the enemy of your beautiful hardwood floors. If you’re moving furniture, you can use the following to cover your floors:

  • a shock-absorbing protective mat
  • runners that roll out flat and stick to your floor (make sure they’re self-adhesive and non-slip)
  • uncolored kraft paper for areas with little foot traffic such as bedrooms
  • cardboard on top of kraft paper for added protection
  • a thin sheet of plywood for heavy-traffic areas such as the kitchen and the living room
  • Ram Board for heavy duty protection

Hold on to old doormats, rugs, and runners.

If you’ve enlisted the help of movers, keep them from getting into accidents by lining the entryway with doormats. Even the most careful mover can be tripped up by wet floors, mud, and stray leaves. Plus, if it rains during the big move, having doormats outside will serve as a reminder to not track dirt into the house.

(Tip: If bad weather can’t be avoided. Ask everyone to wear shoe booties while indoors to protect the floors.)

Another tip for scratch-free floors is to line the corridors with old rugs and runners.

Don’t use new ones. They’re bound to get dirty anyway. At least with old rugs and runners, you wouldn’t mind sacrificing them while protecting your hardwood flooring.

Three words: furniture floor protector

There’s nothing like furniture pads to protect your hardwood floors. They’re durable, self-adhesive, thick enough to cushion furniture¬†and cover at least 80% of the bottom of the furniture leg.

And unlike cardboard, reinforced with soft fabric, you can leave them on, especially if rearranging furniture is somewhat of a habit for you.

Also, rather than carrying furniture, you can just slide them. That’s one of the best things about furniture floor protector. We’re sure your back will thank you for it as well.

Measure everything pre-move.

Moving without a plan is a bad idea. What if you’ve got a big couch and it just won’t fit through your new doorway? Imagine how many scratches your floor would have if you keep forcing that couch in through your door.

So don’t forget to measure everything. Measure the furniture, the doorways, and the rooms. In case some large items don’t fit, you can make plans early on and you won’t regret anything on the day of your big move.


Hardwood floors are gorgeous. A lot of homeowners prefer them to wood-like tiles and engineered stones.

If you’re moving into a new place with hardwood flooring, remember to measure everything, use furniture floor protector, bring out old doormats, rugs, and runners, and properly cover light- and heavy-traffic areas.

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