Every home has a few great places where a lovely decorative pillow would look amazing. But decorative pillows are not simply for showing off; they’re very practical and provide a wide variety of clever uses. They often become a family’s favorite TV watching pillow and may get passed around by family members so much that they will start to fray around the edges. If you have a pet, these will often fight for time with favorite throw pillows.

1-Throw Pillows That Liven a Space
The most common use for throw pillows is to bring color or interest into a plain area. You may have beige walls and a beige couch, but an array of colorful throw pillows will suddenly transform the space. Want to change a room’s look in just a few short moves? There’s a wide selection of decorative pillows in solid, textured, patterned, and embellished designs. They add just the right attitude to any space.

2-Emergency Decorating
Do you have relatives coming over for a holiday meal? You look around your home and realize how bland your living room or family room has become. After a quick cleaning, it still looks hopeless. But there’s a good solution. Start with three or four decorative pillows, then add an elegant throw across the back of the couch. Next choose a rug that picks up the colors of the pillows. If it’s in your budget, add one or two new lamps to the space or a vase of flowers. This little fix is economical and only takes a few hours to complete. You can even get this mini-makeover completed while your turkey or ham is baking in the oven.

3-Sprains and Pains
Though decorative pillows dress up even the plainest rooms, they have so many other unique uses. For instance, imagine you got a terrible night’s sleep and have low back pain. Place a pillow in just the right spot in the low back area to support those muscles until you recover. The same holds true for your neck, a strained arm and other injured muscles. You may someday need to prop up your leg due to a common ankle sprain. A throw pillow offers just the right height and softness to bring a world of comfort.

4-Hobbies and Sports
Everyone has a favorite football or baseball team and many people enjoy tennis, soccer, basketball and other sports. These are fun to play or watch and they really do bring lots of joy to our lives. The same is true for hobbies like birdwatching, vintage cars, calligraphy, knitting, astronomy and many others. Whether you enjoy sky diving or sailing, there’s a decorative pillow just for you. These make an attractive and effective way of extending your love of a sport or hobby.

5-Seasonal Decorative Pillows
With every changing season, you probably have different decorations such as paintings, rugs, flowers, and wall art. Why not complete your seasonal changeover with decorative pillows? These days you can find everything from throw pillows with bright orange pumpkins on them to pillows with green evergreen trees. When spring comes around again, you’ll find pastel pillows with lavender butterflies.