Plumbing companies are essential when it comes to our homes. No matter how well you keep your home, you’re bound to run into some problems Whether it’s clogged drain services or boiler servicing in Kitchener, check out these common problems that can occur in the home that an experienced plumber can resolve for you.

5 Great Services A Plumbing Company Can Perform For You

1. Unclogging A Drain

When it comes to stubborn drain clogs, sometimes doing things yourself just doesn’t work. Everyone knows how to apply the tried and true methods of a snake tool or a drain cleaner, but often these do it yourself fixes aren’t effective enough to fix the problem. If you have a drain block in your sink or shower that will not go away, contact a plumbing company. They’ll be able to get rid of the clog so that you can wash your dishes without backlog or take a shower without having to endure inches of water around your feet.

2. Fix Your Boiler

A plumbing company will also be well-equipped to fix your boiler. If you’re in need of boiler servicing in Kitchener, you’re probably dealing with a broken down boiler. Boilers are necessary to have hot water in the house, and it’s impossible to go without one for any extended period of time. Boiler servicing in Kitchener can have your hot water heater back up and running in no time– and save you from having to buy a new one as well.

3. Quieting a Loud Furnace

Do you have a noisy furnace? We’ve all been in homes or apartments that have had furnaces that are a little too loud for comfort. Those clanging and banging sounds don’t have to invade your home any longer! A good plumbing company will be able to solve the problem. Loud bangs and thuds likely mean that your furnace has dirty burners, a clogged filter, or undersized vents. Rattling is a sign that there’s loose duct work or your furnace is on an uneven surface, while scraping or chirping indicates a broken blower wheel or motor mount.

4. Low Water Pressure

Having low water pressure when it comes to your sink or your shower head can be an indicator that something’s wrong. Most often home owners discover the problem due to the sink faucet. If the problem is affecting cold and hot water streams, the issue may be your faucet aerator. This is most likely due to calcium deposit build ups that accumulate slowly in the aerator, reducing the pressure and slowing down your nightly dish washing ritual. A plumber can remove the aerator and clean it out, getting your water pressure back to normal.

5. A Jammed Garbage Disposal

Having a jammed garbage disposal is a small issue that can quickly turn into a big one. After all, you need the garbage disposal to work properly in order to effectively dispose of food scraps. A jammed disposal can quickly develop into a full-blown odor issue. A good plumbing company can come right over and fix your garbage disposal so that you can dispose of food once more.