flowers life

Flowers! They have long been praised and used by humans to beautify their surroundings. Also admired as an ultimate key to romance, rituals, medicines and even food for some. If your special one has given you flowers with love and affection, don’t you think you should keep them alive for a long possible time? That particular flower piece accumulates so many memories. To keep those memories alive, you can take help of some household stuff which are easily available to extend your flowers’ life. Eager to know which are they? Here are some :

flowers life

Sugar : Sugar is a routine need of mankind and easily available at home. You can make flower preservatives at home using sugar. Take 3 teaspoons sugar and 2 teaspoons white vinegar. Dissolve it into warm, pure water (ratio per litre). Make sure while filling the vase that stems are covered by 3-4 inches of that prepared pure water. In which, the sugar nourishes the plants, whereas vinegar prohibits it from bacterial growth. Well, in case of freshness, no one can beat flower station best uk online florist as they give guaranty to not spoil your flowers till 7 days. After using sugar, you’ll definitely be amazed because it really works. Try it.

Aspirin : Aspirin is proven to keep flowers fresh for a long time. You have to crush it first. Then put it in the water before placing the flowers. Remarkable thing is, to change the water from the vase every few days. The salicylic acid in the aspirin will help to keep water clean and can kill flower damaging bacteria. There is a science in providing environment to the flowers that mimic the soil. As per the fact, most flowers prefer acidic soil and adding acid seems to prolong their life. The main ingredient in aspirin is acetylsalicyclic acid, so an addition of it should help the growth of flowers. Have you ever thought that painkillers can be this much beneficial? No, but they are.

Bleach : After reading this, you feel like seriously… You use this to sanitize your toilets so how it relates to flowers? It is used to kill the germs around the vase and also prevent flowers from wilting too fast. How to use bleach in prolonging flower life? Add ¼ teaspoon bleach per litre water. Bleach can help you to prevent mold, which can kill flowers. Bleach is also helpful to whiten the clothes, removing mildew, and killing weeds etc.

Soda : Many flower species have longer life naturally, but the short-lived flowers can also be extended for a couple of days by using soda. Yes, soda that you drink very often. That last drop of a soda can also be valuable. You can use it to increase the life span of flowers. Pour about ¼ cup into the water in a vase full of blooms. You can use soda like 7 up and sprite. It includes citrus flavoured soda, which helps to extend flower life span and keep them fresh. As per Scientists, best proven and tested ratio is three to one ratio of water to soda.

Vodka : People only love fresh, nourished flowers. After wilting, they get withered and fragrance disappears. So to keep them fresh and elegant for a long time, you need to minimize bacterial growth in the water and provide nourishment which have been lost by flowers after cutting from the plants. Add few drop of vodka to the vase of water along with 1 teaspoon of sugar. It will help you to keep them fresh till specific time. Change the water every day, add vodka and sugar accordingly to keep the flowers refreshing. Try this tip to blossom your flowers for a long time.

Fresh flowers are everyone’s priority. After wilting, they will be junked definitely. No one likes that stinking odour. So going through these tips you can increase the life of your flowers given by someone special. You want to keep those blooms alive for long, Right? These ingredients will definitely work…


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