interior design for small spaces

Interior designers employ specific strategies when decorating condo units or small spaces. The following tips are just, well, the tip of the iceberg! Stay tuned in to our blog for all the tips and tricks we’ve gathered from different design and home improvement experts. Here are just a few tips right after the jump:

interior design for small spaces

  1. Mirrors

The strategic addition of mirrors can make any space look a lot bigger and less claustrophobic. Wall-mounted mirrors are best as these don’t take up a lot of space as opposed to mirrors with stands.

  1. Custom-fit Furniture

Although customized furniture may seem like an expensive and downright daunting option, go ahead and splurge if you can. BUT if it’s really out of the question, make friends with someone who knows their way with carpentry and have DIY-ed furniture to spruce up a small space. The quickest way to making an otherwise all right space look all too small is to fill it up with large or “normal” sized furniture. If you’re looking to rent for a couple of years at least, having custom fit furniture is going to be a great investment. After all, you’re going to use it for a couple of years!

Alternative tip:

Or if you can’t be bothered with customized beds or sofas, use the bed or the sofa as the main focal point of that room and decorate around it! Use smaller chairs, tables, and the like so that your space would still be maximized.

  1. Sliding Doors

If you know for a fact that a regular door is going to make your small space even harder to navigate, invest in a sliding door now. Although this might draw you back a few hundred dollars, accidentally knocking down a person is going to be far more costly. Especially if you have a small space and there’s a high chance of accidentally knocking down a person (say, if you have an upstairs room and there’s a flight of stairs just a few steps away from the door), then this is the kind of investment that you shouldn’t skimp on. There are cheap, DIY options available so you don’t have to shell out a huge chunk of your salary.

  1. Double-duty Furniture

Furniture is essential but they can mess up your apartment and make it look oh so smaller when you don’t choose the right kind. So here’s a tip: go for furniture that does double duty. Think of tables and chairs that double up as storage space. Your best bets are tables with extra storage and sofas that can be transformed into beds when you have guests over.

  1. Minimal décor

You can definitely choose to maximize your small space by adding different bits of décor here and there but then again, it’s easy to lose track and turn your space into a small, very cluttered area. So here’s a professional tip: don’t add the big guns like chandeliers (unless it’s a very small, compact kind, which is rare but can be found in some specialty stores), big vases, extra large picture frames, and the like. Instead, go for decorative but functional pieces like a really intricate coffee table or a cute punch of color thanks to a sofa chair.

  1. Bonus tip!

Color! The darker colors can definitely make your room small and dark. Go for beige or light colored walls (pale gray, light blue, pale yellow, et cetera) instead of dark colored ones. Or if you’re itching for a dark splash of color, just paint one wall and use it as an accent wall instead of doing the whole room a dark wash.