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Is it time to replace your garage door opener? You may say that it is still working perfectly well after many years. However, security products have advanced enormously in recent years, and it is more so a matter of whether you can improve your security further instead of waiting until something goes wrong to make an upgrade. What is certain is that there are professionals in the business who will advise you and leave you to make your own decision in your own time.

garage door

What about the reasons for changing? Well, here are five to start off with:


The more modern openers have sensors which will stop the doors from moving if there is an obstruction in the way. Perhaps your children or pets have come through the beam, and the situation is potentially dangerous. The door will stop and immediately reverse. You should change your opener if it cannot do that.


Openers are much quieter than they used to be. It is unlikely that your doors will wake the family or the neighbours if you have one that no longer sounds like a chain. There are modern chain openers that are quieter than the older ones, but some have a belt- or screw-driven mechanism.


This has improved beyond recognition recently. Today’s openers have a rolling code that no one will be able to access without permission. Previously, it was possible for someone outside your home to get your fixed code using a special device. Nowadays, the code changes every time the garage doors are used.


Today’s openers work on a keypad put on the garage wall for ease of access. You can forget about physical keys from time to time, because no one has invented a way whereby they cannot be lost or copied. You may be able to adapt your existing opener, but think about how much better it would be to have, for example, a fingerprint-recognition keypad.

Battery backup

Although power outages are rare, they do happen. In such a case, you may not be able to open your garage door if you still have an old opener. Modern ones have a battery backup.

There are many different alternatives when it comes to garage doors, and many different manufacturers supplying quality products. Time spent thinking about your garage and whether it is time for a change is certainly not time wasted.

You may want an insulated door, a sandwich between two sheets of metal. You may want one using a roller mechanism or one that tilts backwards and finally rests parallel to the ceiling of the garage. You can discuss the whole subject as much as you please. If you just want a new opener, a local specialist can do that for you. It is best to find someone who recognises the value of service and is prepared to guarantee their work because of the quality of their products and repair engineers.

Your garage is an important part of your home, and you should treat its security as seriously as you do the rest of the house. You can get plenty of advice and are invited to ask questions without committing yourself to anything.