You may have a particularly large tree in your garden which is concerning you.  After all, one good storm can uproot many healthy looking trees and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property.

It might be that you just have a collection of smaller trees which need to be trimmed to ensure they don’t grow too big and have the desired effect in your garden.  The fact of the matter is that many gardens have trees and you need to look after them!

Unlike many gardening tasks, undertaking a tree service is not always an easy task.  In many cases you would be advised to leave this job to the professionals.  There are five good reasons why a professional tree service will be a better option than attempting to deal with the issues yourself:

  1. Specialist Equipment

A professional tree service firm will have all the equipment they need to deal with your tree or trees.  It doesn’t matter whether you wish to have them trimmed, felled or even simply assessed.  The tree service firm will be able to access every part of the tree and complete the work in much less time than you can.  This is simply because they can get to the tree much more easily and they are used to dealing with them!

  1. Knowledge of Trees

It may not seem relevant to want to know about the type of tree you are trimming or felling.  However, a tree service professional will have this knowledge.  They will be able to assess the tree and tell you the likelihood of it falling by itself.  They will also have the knowledge to tell you if your other trees are at risk from any infection in one or even local diseases.

A good tree service will also provide you with some advice regarding looking after your trees in the long term.

  1. Proper Felling

Felling a tree is not as simple as running a chainsaw through it.  This is how many accidents occur!  In fact, you must cut a notch to prevent the chainsaw from sticking.  You should also cut the notch in the right place to ensure the tree falls in the right direction.  Professional tree service firms will also use ropes and other equipment to help direct the fall.  They may even trim branches first.

  1. Timing the Trim

If you are just looking to trim your trees; to help their shape or prevent growth; there are certain times of the year when this is more effective.  The actual timing will depend upon the tree in question but a professional tree service will know the answer and be able to advise you accordingly.

This will ensure your tree remains healthy and looking just how you want it.

  1. Insurance

Finally a professional tree service will have their own insurance.  This will cover them if they injure themselves.  But, perhaps more importantly; if the tree felling goes wrong and your property is damaged they will rectify it through their insurance.  If you do the tree service yourself you will either have to claim on your house insurance or be out of pocket!

It is generally easier and provides more peace of mind to allow a professional tree service to complete the task for you!