Every home, whether small or big or vacation home, will certainly get dirty. Though it is not that there is just one way in which you can clean your personal living area, there is always a smarter and wiser approach to home cleaning. From your bedroom to kitchen to your bathroom and also your living room, unless you know the basic rules of cleaning efficiently and thoroughly, you won’t be able to go about the process.

As long as cleaning your house is concerned, a little bit of prevention will be a worth a lot of scrubbing. There are many home maintenance tweaks which when you employ will save you lot of energy and time. Here are few smart ideas to clean your household appliances.

#1: Tidying up the refrigerator

When it comes to cleaning your refrigerator, the first thing that comes to mind is eliminating away the smell of the fluke that you forgot to have and that is stored in your fridge for the last 2 weeks. The strong odor that you find in a refrigerator is not just gross but it can even be aggressive and it can also affect the flavor of eggs, milk and butter. Did you know that newspaper absorbs odor? You can create small balls and tuck them inside the drawers and into the corners to soak up the smell. Make sure you change the newspaper balls time to time.

#2: The oven toaster or the microwave

You have to protect the base of the toaster oven with the help of a non-stick liner. If you take a non-stick liner which is designed for a full-size oven can be cut in order to accomodate the smaller one. In order to get an idea about the exact size, you have to remove the trap, cut a liner with a pair of scissors and place it at the bottom of the toaster oven. You can use a damp cloth to wipe off the spills of grease and for deeper cleaning, toss the liner.

#3: Bathtub

When it comes to cleaning your bathtub, you can clean off the drain with baking soda and fight the clogs with tough chemicals instead of hiring a pricey plumber. There are experts like the cleaners from Handy, who claim that few drain cleaners can cause damage to the pipes. If you can flush off the clogged drain with baking soda once in a month, this can prove to be helpful. You can pour half cup of soda within the drain and then half cup of white vinegar. The same can be done for kitchen drains.

#4: The shower

As long as your shower is concerned, you have to scrub off and spray soap scum. The main idea behind keeping soap scum within control is to make sure that the moisture is wiped off and there is no soap residue before it hardens or dries. Wherever there are chances of water gathering, you should hand a towel for drying off the corners of the fixtures. You can avoid soap scum by switching to liquid body wash as the calcium won’t be able to mix with fatty acids.

#5: Washing machine

You have to load the interior of the washing machine with a cleaning agent and also timely replace the rubber gasket. The residue that arrives from a fabric softener can accumulate with time and lead to a foul smell. Hence you have to run your machine with hot water and bleach cleaning which is oxygenated. Also air-dry the washer after every wash by letting the door open.

So, now that you know the techniques of smart cleaning, what are you waiting for? Make sure you take the best foot forward to keep your appliances clean.