Whether you live on your own or are married with small children, moving to another home is a difficult transition. However, advanced planning can make moving easier for your entire family. If your household includes small children, you should consider the following five tips to ease the moving process.

Prepare them for Moving

Moving to another house can be traumatic for small children because they have never known another home. You should help them prepare by reading books about moving, frequently talking to them about the process, and taking trips to see the new neighbourhood. Furthermore, you should explain to your children that while the living environment may change, nothing else will. You need to assure them that mummy, daddy, their siblings, and pets are all moving together.

Organise with Lists

Organisation is important when moving with children, so make lists to check off tasks as they are completed. Several tasks will include enrolling them into a new school if you are moving to a new area, finding a new daycare for infants and toddlers, finding a new paediatrician, and finding parks near your area where your children can play.

Before you begin packing, create lists of all the items your family and pets need and then take them with you on moving day. You do not want to forget the bottles, toys, or blankets they use every night, or you may have a brief mutiny on your hands.

Take Pictures of New Home

When you finalise the decision on a house or apartment, take plenty of pictures to show your children. The photos will help them become familiar with their new home prior to arriving and provides a way for them to choose their bedrooms. They can also start choosing paint colours and decorations for their new rooms, which will make the difficult transition more fun and exciting.

Introduce Yourself to Neighbours

Children are often anxious to meet the new neighbours, so you should take the initiative and introduce yourself and your family. Help your children prepare a snack or make a card to give to your immediate neighbours when you meet them. Becoming acquainted with your neighbourhood will help everyone quickly assimilate the new area and understand who does and does not belong there.

Discuss Moving Day

On moving day, explain to your children that one of the local removal companies will arrive to transfer the furniture and boxes to your new house. Tell them not to disturb the removalists as they work and to stay out of the way, so they do not accidentally get hurt. If possible, have their grandparents or friends babysit them for the day, so the movers can complete their job quickly and efficiently.

Preparing your children for moving helps them become accustomed to the idea of living somewhere else. As soon as you are offered a job promotion or decide to purchase a larger home, discuss your plans with them, so they are not taken by surprise.