Taken on an Art Deco tour of Napier, New Zealand, March 2010. A Flat White is probably the most popular coffee style drunk in New Zealand. Wikipedia.

Coffee tables are a vital part of interior decor arrangements today. From simple styles to the most elaborate and sophisticated designs, you can find every kind of coffee table in the market today.

Being the decorative elements that they are, coffee tables are a must in households and offices today.

However, it is not an easy task to choose the most suitable coffee table for your home or office because of the hundreds of designs available in the market.

From contemporary wooden designs to complex elaborate constructions, you will find all kinds of coffee tables in every shape you can think of.

In our list below, we present to you the best, most sought-after and popular coffee tables available so that you can make an informed decision the next time you’re all geared up to purchase your next coffee table.

However, you should also be aware of the various types of coffee construction materials so that you can make a wise decision when selecting a table.

Take a look at the list below:

The Construction of the coffee table

One of the very first things to consider while selecting a coffee table is its construction. Traditionally, coffee tables were manufactured using only two materials i.e. wood and metal.

But these days, coffee tables can be made from a larger variety of materials including glass and they can also be shaped into amazing designs.

Here are the most commonly used coffee table construction materials:

  • Wood

Wood being the most common construction element is versatile, timeless, rich, warm, and can be used in a variety of shapes and forms.

For example, you can use wood to create a rustic coffee table from reclaimed wood peices and industrial hardware.

Many times, creating a rustic coffee table out of reclaimed wood is a simple DIY process. For instance, this DanMade DIY wooden table is made from only a few elements including nails, sanding, brackets, and reclaimed wood being the major element.

Moreover, using reclaimed wood to make a coffee table is both budget friendly, and eco-friendly. There are several ways through which you can utilize wood to make awesome coffee tables. The above mentioned DIY just being one of them.

  • Metal

Metal coffee tables are also very common, being second to only wooden tables. Not only will you find them much sturdier and lighter, you will also avail several fresh designs all distinct from the traditional wooden coffee tables.

Metal will also allow your table to have thinner legs and a variety of shapes not to mention the different styles they can fit into.

Metal coffee tables will also give your interiors a stylish look by fitting into any decorative arrangement. Again, since metal gives coffee tables a neutral look, you will not have to worry about matching the colors of the walls to enhance the look of the space where the coffee table is placed.

Furthermore, one of the best qualities of metal is its durability. You won’t have to worry about scratches by pets etc.

Moreover, metal is fire-resistant, so the risk for damage during any such event is greatly minimized.

  • Glass

Gone are the days when glass was used solely for the purpose of construction. Nowadays, you can use glass to make stylish coffee tables as well.

In most cases, glass coffee tables are usually supported with metal rims. Modern designs allow for versatile and striking designs which were hitherto unavailable.

You will even find some coffee tables made out of entirely glass without any metal support, i.e. 100% glass-made.

  • Rattan

Rattan, also commonly known as wicker, is mainly used as patio furniture. However, with the use of modern materials, rattan can be modified into awesome coffee tables that can be placed inside the house.

Rattan furniture, especially coffee tables, are popular due to their exotic texture and weaved appearance.

Just adding one rattan weaved coffee table to your living room will greatly enhance the look of the space.

Due to the versatility, beautiful and unique designs of rattan coffee tables, you will not regret owning one.

  • Acrylic

Although at first glance acrylic may look like glass, it is not. Rather it is different from glass due to its versatility and property of being lightweight and not heavy like glass.

The transparency and clarity in acrylic furniture is what sets it apart. The thermostatic and glass-like appearance will give any coffee table a chic look.

Ideally, an acrylic coffee table will look good in rooms with limited spaces. The sleek and glossy shine they emit will give your interior décor an enhanced look.

Take a look at how classy acrylic coffee tables such as the Peekaboo acrylic coffee table looks like.

Other than the above examples, you will find many coffee tables designs made from several different materials. Make a wise and informed decision before deciding to purchase one.

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