Sky Lights are window-like openings in the roof. They let natural sunlight fall into your house minimizing the use of artificial lighting and increasing the air-circulation as well. They have a problem of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in summer. These can be overcome with their proper positioning in your home and selecting those that are made with specific materials. They do a lot of good to the environment by saving power and add elegance to the interior design of your rooms. Also, sky lights above bathrooms and kitchens give you a unique feeling.

1) Plan ahead: Even if a sky light looks like a big opening in the ceiling, it is a lot more than it. Plan its location and specifications during the construction of the house, if possible. If you are looking to renovate home taking a home equity loan or mortgage loan or any other credit then you need to think its repayment period only then opt for it.

2) Locations: As opposed to a conventional window which captures low-angled sun rays, a skylight lets in high-angled ones which have a higher intensity especially during summers. The location of a sky light depends on the climate in your geographical region. In case you have a harsh summer, place them near the shades of tall trees so that they drive in cool breeze from the leaves. If you have a cold winter, consider a sky light towards the south from where you get a lot of warmth. If you like morning sunlight, then place one to the east.

3) Constituent Materials: Always remember that the ultra violet rays in the sunlight are harmful for your skin as well as to the coats on your expensive furniture. So, fit the sky light with a double-insulating glass that filters out these rays. This also helps in reducing the heat of the sunlight.

4) Sizes: Select a sufficient size as smaller ones are insufficient to light-up the room and often do not add up to the aesthetics of the room. Interestingly, the larger portion of its cost lies in the installation, so do not try to save money on its size. However, anything larger than the necessary size could cause over ventilation and also added heat that comes with it.

5) Types and Shapes: There are different types of them available in the market. Some of them which became popular are:

  • Fixed sky light: It is the one that will not open.
  • Tubular sky light: It is used in the places where too much of sun light is not preferred.
  • Dome sky light: Being similar to the other sky lights, its only difference is that the glass is dome shaped instead of being plane.
  • Pyramid sky light: It is formed by three inter-joined triangles that rise above the roof forming a pyramid.

When you install a sky light on the ceiling, you transfer the concrete ceiling into something that has a more open and free feeling associated with it. Add a little decoration around your sky light to make it look more spectacular. Always, install a sky light under a professional architect’s supervision.