Windows play both an aesthetic role and a functional role in the house. Windows come in different shapes, forms and structure and all these play a role in adding an aesthetic touch to a house. Some notable functional roles include protection against excess light, bad weather and intruders. Considering the important roles that windows play in the general structure of a house, it is therefore important for you to ensure that your windows are in good shape. Ignoring to take good care of your windows will deny you the pleasure of enjoying its aesthetic and functional roles. Could this be the right time for you to replace your windows?

Signs that your windows need replacing:

Slamming windows

A window that slams immediately after you have opened it is an indication that something is wrong with the window. Maybe one or more of its hinges are loose. You need to check this window because those abrupt slams can easily cause accidents. A slamming window is like a guillotine that can either brake your bones or shatter the glass. Replace this window to prevent such an accident.

Windows clattering in the wind

During a windy stormy day, you would like your windows to be tightly shut so as to shield you from the nasty weather outside your house. A clattering window doses not help; aside from the uncomfortable noise that comes from this window, your energy bills might also be affected. Bring back the peace to your home and bring down your energy bills by installing a new, stronger and tighter window.

Window refusing to open

When you discover that your windows are refusing to open, perhaps this might be an indication that the windows have done their time and that it was time to replace them. You need to have windows which you can open and close as and when you need to. A “stubborn” window is a sure sign that it is time for you to install a new window.

Window has suffered from glass failure

Glass failure happens when the thermal seal in your double-pane window breaks, a situation that makes it impossible for the window pane to keep condensation from accumulating in between the glass. When this happens, the water and air trapped between the window panes can make everything to appear foggy. At some point, you might notice that rivulets of water begin to slide, creating a false impression that it is raining outside. When any of these situations happen, chances are that you are already losing money in the higher energy bills. You can avoid all these by replacing the old windows with newer ones.

If you notice that your window is showing any of the signs above, you will need to move with speed and replace the windows with newer windows. When it comes to window replacement, you stand a better chance of getting better value for your money when you entrust that job to a professional window installer. At Advanced Windows Products, we have superior products which you can buy from us and have us install it for you. Call us today for a free quotation.