Lack of space in urban centers mean homes are getting small and kitchens shrinking to convenient corners or alleys. However, it is always possible to make up for limitations in space with innovative ideas that develop comforting, inviting spaces and bring back the hearth to the center of the home. Read on for some inspiration.

When it comes to beautiful kitchens, size isn’t a factor. A small kitchen can be as comforting and inviting as a big kitchen, provided that the décor is kept free from clutter and the space is personalized without being cramped. With the right choice of colors and patterns, you can make your little kitchen the pride of your house.

Following are 6 kitchen décor ideas that will inspire you.

  • For L-shape and U-shape kitchens, lighting up the corners will give the illusion of bigger areas. The alcove under the cabinets can be lit up softly with running LED strips to add brightness in a dull space and to give a distinct look.
  • Colors and patterns can be introduced through rugs, window treatments (read interesting blinds), or upholstery. You can use these elements to bring a touch of personalization. Are you modern, classic, or formal? Let it show through additions like a minimalist yet luxurious rug, a roman blind, or bar stools for the island.
  • Choose a particular unused area and apply a spectacular detail. For example, you can use mosaic or stainless steel tiles on the wall behind the cooking range, making it a functional showpiece. Keep the rest of the décor toned down, preferably monochromed, to let the star of the kitchen stand out.
  • If thought black is color better restrained to cars, think again. A kitchen decked in black and white, with a medium-sized crystal chandelier, and mirror works can transform a normal kitchen to a vintage style nook that you would love to show off.
  • If you are fond of open, airy spaces, a good option is to replace closed upper shelves with open shelves. This way, not only the illusion of more space is created, you’ll save lots of time by not needing to open and close shelves every time you want something.
  • Bring your old bookshelf to act as a storage space and barrier. If the shelf is large enough, you can just keep your books along with condiments and other spices that you want to be within easy reach.

So, these were some ideas that will make your little kitchen not only appealing for everyday use, but will also interest guest you entertain here. Add your own twist to these ideas, or just use them as they are, and you will surprised at how different your kitchen can look.

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