Those lovely carpets can easily get dirty faster you might imagine, because of things such as:  People wearing their shoes in the home

  • Drink spill,
  • Dropping of food
  • Our pets having accidents

All will eventually happen at some time or another!

Nowadays, carpet cleaning is necessary in many homes, and especially those with children or pets. Cleaning is easy with the hiring of a well-established professional service in carpets and industrial cleaning in Suffolk who can get that carpet of yours looking like new again!

Here are 7 tips to keeping your carpet in the very best of shape.

1 – Carpets like a good vacuuming at least once a week and more in homes with heavy volume.

  • Repeated vacuuming will go on to extend the life of your carpet by preventing any build-up of gritty particles that destroy carpet fibres.
  • Every fortnight, take some time and use that crevice tool which came with the cleaner for going around the skirting boards, heaters and other difficult to reach areas.
  • When vacuuming wall-to-wall carpeting, split the floor into zones and vacuum an entire zone before you move on to the next.

2 – Take time when vacuuming the carpet, especially a plush one where dirt and dust is going to be deeply embedded.

  • Just the one pass with a high-powered cleaner is not enough, so, go over each zone of carpeting a number of times, and go slowly to really let the suction extract all of the ground-in dust and dirt.
  • Make sure to pay special attention to any areas where people sit and move their feet.
  • Vacuum thoroughly any areas where people are always walking over with a crisscross like pattern of overlapping movements.

3 – Soil retardants may be used on new carpets or to those that have just been properly cleaned.

  • For the very best results, read up and follow the manufacturers’ instructions and advice.
  • Administer soil retardants, using only the best professional equipment and nothing inferior.

4 – Put some baking soda in the bag of the vacuum cleaner, to help tame any odours.

  • Amazing that such a modest product has such a wide variety of uses outside of plain old baking, and can also be used to lively up a carpet.

5 – Prior to shampooing a carpet, relocate all of your furniture out of the room.

  • Shampooing a carpet with any furniture in place will later on cause some disparity in the shading of the carpet.
  • After furniture removal, keenly vacuum the room and then clean the carpet by way of a slow, smooth, back-and-forth motion.
  • Let the carpet air- dry for up to at least twelve hours.

6 – After the carpet is completely dry, vacuum it to fluff up the fibres.

  • Also, make a point of never vacuuming a damp carpet, as there is a chance of being electrocuted, or even shorting out your vacuum cleaner.

7 – And finally, bring your furniture back into place.

May your carpet remain clean for many years to come!