When it comes to remodeling a home or an area of the home, many assume that spring and summer is the ideal time to schedule a renovation project. While spring and summer bring good weather with them, winter is actually the ideal time to undergo certain house renovation projects.

Here are 7 reasons why winter is a smart time to start a house remodel:


  1. Project Schedule

Because so many people want to undergo a remodel in the spring and summer, most contractors are more readily available in the winter, especially if the remodel includes heating installation, indoor painting, plumbing, flooring, or other interior projects.

Because snow and rain can hinder exterior remodeling projects, if your project deals primarily with interior work, winter weather will not inferior with the project schedule.

  1. Availability

In the warmer months, many contractors have multiple projects going on at the same time, which can delay house renovation projects, especially if a problem arises during a time your contractor is not on site.

However, in the cold months, construction projects are typically less frequent, meaning your contractor may have more time to focus on your project. The more time your contractor and his workers can spend on your project, the quicker the process will be finished.

  1. Price

Spring and summer is prime time for manufacturers to increase their product prices. Because it is the opportune time for house remodels, flooring companies, cabinet companies and general home improvement companies tend to raise their prices significantly. During the winter, because manufacturers are looking to clear out their leftover stock for new inventory, they often have clearance sales, majorly discounting their rates.

Moreover, many contractors also discount their rates during the winter season, because their projects are few and far between. Likewise, in the spring and summer, contractors often raise their prices, for it is their busiest season.

  1. Dust and Fumes

Many people worry about the dust, dirt, chemical fumes and other allergens that come with remodeling. Typically, in spring and summer, people have the ability to open doors, windows, and run the AC to keep the air circulating and as fresh as possible. However when it comes to a winter remodel, thanks to modern technologies, including industrial fans, these issues are not of a big concern to contractors.

  1. Winter Getaway

If you are looking to remodel an area of your home, consider taking a winter getaway. With you and your family vacationing, your home is open for your contractors. Many people worry about living through the construction process, as it does disrupt daily life, thus getting away can be a great way to go through the construction process. If you do plan a getaway, make sure you use a contractor you trust in order to make sure the process goes smoothly.

  1. Permits

One of the toughest aspects to a home remodel is getting permit approvals. All projects must be approved by the city, and during extremely busy times, it can sometimes take months to get an approval. Should the request be denied, once the problem is fixed and re-submitted for approval, it can take even a few more months. Because of the fewer projects happening during the winter season, it can be much easier to get permit approvals.

Additionally, some construction projects require rezoning, which can take some time to get through the approval process. By starting the process in the winter, it is much easier to not only get approved, but also to speak directly with permit and zoning officials.

  1. Outdoor Projects

If weather permits, or if you live in an area that has mild winters, there are exterior projects you could have done during the winter in order to have them completed by the spring. For instance, if you are looking to add on an outdoor porch or an outdoor deck, if you started the project in the spring or summer, you probably would not be able to enjoy it until the following spring. However, by undergoing the project in the winter, it should be done in time for the warm spring and summer nights.

These 7 reasons are why the winter is a perfect time to undergo a construction project.