small apartment decorating

City dwelling can be very difficult. At first, the idea is quite exciting but when you’re actually living the dream in a big city, you will realize how life can be take a sudden twist of fate. Finding an apartment is one of the most common problems for city-dwellers. The first thing to consider is a good deal on rent. Aside from the monthly rental fee, there are constraints when it comes to space.

For some, having a small space is not an issue but not everyone wants to live like a frog under a rock. Fret not! Utilizing space for your tiny apartment is a problem with solutions. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to maximize the space of your unit. All you need is a little bit of creativity. Here are some ideas on how to utilize apartment space:

small apartment decorating

Vertical not Horizontal  

When picking furniture and appliances, choose something that will consume space vertically. Thus, a bookshelf with more rows is always better than a bookshelf with more columns. The same is true with refrigerators and other stuff for storing. Some appliances are ergonomically designed for small spaces. A tower fan is always better than an ordinary stand or desk fan. That is, if you can’t afford an air conditioner.

Keep it light

Learn how to play with colors. No matter how sleek dark walls can be, it is not really recommended for small spaces. Save your black-walled bachelor pad when you actually have money for more space. For now, keep everything light.

Elevate your bed

Here’s a great idea for studio units. If you’re not afraid of heights, you can try these bunk beds with a small study table below. Just be careful with your movements while you sleep.

Put shelves everywhere!

Maximize your walls. It is both useful and decorative for your apartment. This is perfect for people with large collection of books. Not only does it make it useful for you to look for that favorite book you purchased long time ago, but it also makes for a great accessory for your walls. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter for people visiting your place!

Stair drawers

If you’re living in a loft-type unit, try maximizing the stairs by putting in drawers. If your book-loving self can’t be contained, you can also use it as bookshelves! Ingenious!


It’s a foolproof way to make your apartment look big and spacious. This has been forever employed in office spaces, hotels and even restaurants.

Hang your TV!

Don’t be afraid to get some work done by hanging your TV. The boob tube is one of the bulkiest appliances out there no matter how “slim” it may be in its design. Put it near the corners of your walls.

Learn how to partition

It’s not that complicated. With partitions, you can work even more efficiently. You can partition in different ways. You can use a bookshelf, a mirror, a divider or even a curtain to separate and divide a room so a studio type unit can have the illusion of a corridor and so on.

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