A home bar is the ultimate luxury hangout space to entertain friends or to wind down after a long day at work. A few places have integreated bars others are custom built, whatever the setup there are endless bar decor options to choose from and to turn your bar into the centre point of your living space.

No matter what size your bar might be or where it is located with the following design options TMF 家匠 wants to provide you with some great décor inspriations.

TMF 家匠

    1. Black Patterns and Gold Metallic

This timelines bar design makes you want to move your nights out back into your living space. The black palette accented by golden lighting and fixtures provides a warm ambience – the perfect set-up for any social occasion.

  1. 45-Degree Wooden Shelves

Looking for simple design upgrades with a big visual impact? This wooden bar comes with shelves canted at a 45-degree angle which not only serve as an eyecatcher but also hold a more creative approach for storage – wine bottles would fit perfectly.

  1. Exotic Patterns and High End Finishing

Bring the summer back into your living space with navy blue tones and tropical flower patterns. This bar provides an exotic island atmosphere, it’s glass shelving provides great storage space and the golden handles gives it all a very high end finishing.

  1. Matching Wooden Tones

This minimalistic bar design fits in seamlessly with the entire living space. The warm wooden tones are matching with the flooring and the door trim creating a clean and modern look.

  1. Effective Use of Limited Space

This unique and smart bar setup is making an effective use of limited space. Positioned at the top of a stairway making a basement bar all but redunant. Its gray and marble tones make it fit in well with the more modern design of this living space.

  1. Built-In Bar

Looking for a fitting addition to your dining room? This built-in bar space is the perfect companion for any dinner part. The mirrored background ensures the space feels open and it has even an inbuild sink and enough storage for all kinds of glasses.

  1. Closet Turned Home Bar

Is your living area limited but you still don’t want to miss out on fun nights in? This smartly desgined hideaway home bar is the perfect alternative for bar enthusiasts with smaller spacing. Great design doesn’t always require a bigger bar, the design of the wallpaper makes this space just look fantastic.

  1. Integrated Modern Wine Bar

This integrated wine bar inside a modern cabinet unit draws all the attention to it – just the type of ambience your looking for at the end of a long week. The upscale finishing combined with neutral color patterns surely making this a great luxurious addition to any living space