If more homeowners would know the proper way of cleaning roof gutters, there would be fewer accidental injuries and deaths. Usually, gutters are cleaned out in the fall season to prepare them for snow and winters coming ahead. If the water stops flowing through the gutters properly, it would result in costly repairs and replacements.

Here are 8 safe gutter cleaning tips which can help get your roof gutters cleaned safely.

  • Practice Ladder Safety

Since you would have to climb on the ladder on and off to clean your roof gutters, you must practice it while taking proper safety precautions. You must get the ladder which is perfectly balanced to avoid any chances of falling and slipping.

Even if you are not doing the job on your own, you need to make sure that you get it done by a professional like Eavestrough Installation Toronto who has years of experience of providing quality services for the roof repairing. Such professionals know how to climb and work on the ladder safely.

  • Get a Garden Hose

You must purchase a garden hose from any hardware store. It must have a spray nozzle which would help you adjust the flow of water with your one hand. If it has a pistol grip trigger, you can easily hang it over the edge of the gutter to move the ladder with your other hand safely.

  • Use a Gutter Scoop

It is a very important tool which would help in scooping largest debris out of the gutters. You must use a plastic gutter scoop because of its thin edges which won’t scratch the bottom of gutters. However, if you end up buying a metal scoop, it would scrap the gutter and speed up the rusting process.

  • Keep Your Hands Safe

Since your hands would touch a lot of dust, debris, dirty leaves during the gutter cleaning process. You need to get the suede material gloves instead of other rubber, leather, or cotton gloves. They would prevent your hands from cuts, bacteria, and dirty water.

  • Keep Your Eyes Safe

Your eyes are quite vulnerable which get exposed to dust and debris while you clean the gutter. You need to protect your eyes by wearing shades or protectors to avoid any kind of eye injury.

  • Unclog the Downspout

It is very important to unclog downspouts by pushing the water hose down in the downspouts with full force to see if any clog is present. You can remove the downspout to flush the clog out from the bottom.

  • Invest in Gutter Guards

You can invest a few dollars in gutter guards to keep dust, debris, needles, and leaves out of the gutters. It is definitely a smart investment. However, you need to make sure that you get the best gutter protection system which serves the purpose.

  • Hire a Professional

If you doubt your skills, you can hire the services of experts for the gutter repair Toronto. It is recommended to leave this risky job for professionals to get done with it safely.


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