New Bathroom Installation

New Bathroom Installation

We are never truly happy in our homes and constantly have the desire to make changes. Starting at the top of the house, there is a lot of useable space in the loft. A few boards and a window could be all it takes to create an organised storage space that has the same area as the footprint of our whole house. Then we move down to the bedrooms where decor and storage are highly important. The bathroom is the place where value can be added to the home with a high quality installation. Downstairs we find the kitchen that is on a par with the bathroom when it comes to house valuation.

These two rooms can cost a lot of money to be upgraded to the latest designs. Money, however, is not the only issue to consider when deciding on a new bathroom. The process of installation is going to be a stressful experience that should not be underestimated.

We are going to run through here, the process that a new bathroom installation follows in your home so that you are forewarned and prepared for the disruption to come.

Out With the Old

The fitters will come into you home first to remove all traces of your old bathroom. This will include all fixtures and fittings, wall tiles and flooring. This is going to be a noisy and messy part of the job. Your water supply may have to be turned off, and you will lose the use of the toilet in that room for a while. The fitters will leave a useable toilet throughout the project, though, so don’t worry about that.


Once the room is clear, construction can begin on walls for the shower cubicle or other structure. This will involve sawing, drilling, and hammering.


The plumbers will then set to work making alterations to the services as required. They will also complete the first fix for all of the pipework for water supplies to taps and showers. Electricians will attend to install wiring for the new lighting system and shower. This is likely to involve running cables through the house to your consumer unit so be prepared for disruption throughout the house.


When the first fix is complete, the plasterers will move in and make the room look good again. This is a very dusty job. Put plenty of protection down on your carpets.

Second Fix

When the plastering is complete, the second fix can be started. Most of the mess is behind you at this point. The bath, toilet and bathroom vanities will be positioned, and all supplies connected.

Electricians will return to connect new light fittings, shaver points, Whirlpool baths, and showers.


When all of the fittings are in place, the tilers will pay you a visit and set to work. The tiling process doesn’t make a lot of mess and what there is of it is confined to the bathroom.

And now the process is complete. After making hundreds of cups of tea over the last week, at least, and having endless strangers tramping through your home, you are now the owner of a sparkling new bathroom to be proud of. Hopefully, you have held on to your sanity and are able to find enough time to light a couple of candles and bury yourself in bubbles for an hour. You have increased the value of your home and made it more attractive to buyers should you ever decide to sell. That is why your new bathroom is a good investment. But, for now, just enjoy it.