Security Barriers

For many years, commercial buildings in large cities have been using physical security barriers to provide protection from severe weather and theft. More recently, grilles and shutters have been placed in more and more commercial locations, even those in low-crime areas, to provide extra security and decrease insurance costs. Sometimes even private homeowners choose to use physical security barriers to protect their properties.

Safety and Security

Homes and offices located in high-crime areas are especially vulnerable and benefit greatly from the added security a barrier provides for doors and windows. However, security concerns aren’t the only reason for installing a protective barrier. Some people like having the extra privacy, protection from severe weather, and increased energy efficiency that come with having security barriers over doors or windows. Roller shutters and grilles are popular choices. They offer strong security when deployed and are completely unobtrusive when rolled away. There are numerous options for security barriers, both in design and materials used, and it’s important to do the research to find the one that best fits your needs.

Security Barriers

A private homeowner wanting to increase a home’s security and privacy can install roller shutters over the windows. There are also security roller options designed to cover larger openings like entrances to outbuildings or garages. Security barriers have applications in numerous types of commercial buildings as well, offering protection from break-ins and vastly increased privacy. Security roller grilles are useful in providing extra security over large entrances or keeping storefronts safe during closed hours. Some security shutters are even designed to completely enclose kiosks to protect them during the times they’re not operational.

New Technology and Materials

The technology of security barriers and grilles has advanced quickly in the past few years. Heavy aluminium sheets aren’t the only options anymore. Manufacturers have been incorporating more designs, as well as unique materials.  There is still the traditional choice of a heavy-duty extruded aluminium sheet on a roller spool that provides the most protection for tough situations. Polycarbonate designs work well for shopfronts, combining complete security while still allowing light through. This option is also great for homeowners who need a barrier that allows maximum visibility.

There are even more choices of security barriers for commercial use. Polymer designs are a great entry-level option ideal for covering interior spaces like storage areas or the bar in a restaurant. These polymer grills are resilient and strong, but provide full visibility and airflow. For those businesses requiring the next step up in strength, there are grilles made of interconnected aluminium links. These grilles offer the strongest security for places like shop fronts or warehouses.

When looking for quality security barriers, it’s a good idea to research the manufacturers, not merely the retailers. Finding information straight from the manufacturer’s website gives the most accurate view of all the options available and their levels of effectiveness. It’s especially good for homeowners to review all the choices. Adding a permanent fixture to a home is an important decision, and it’s necessary to ensure the selection is something that will work well for the home for many years.