Air conditioning cleaning is required to keep the unit functioning. Different parts of the system have to be cleaned to get the optimum performance for years.

The coils, fins and filters of an air conditioning unit need regular maintenance to keep the unit working in good condition. This allows your cooling system to function properly for years. Ignoring the right air conditioning cleaning will cause poor performance and increase your energy consumption.


Cleaning or replacing the filter is the best thing to do to get the ultimate performance of an air conditioner. Dirty filters will only clog the passage of the airflow decreasing the efficiency of the unit. If the usual airflow gets blocked, the air passing through the filter will bring dust straight to the evaporator coil.  This will damage the ability of the coil to absorb heat. In order to decrease the use of energy by 5% up to 15%, changing the filter is the best option.


The condenser coil and the evaporator coil gather dust and dirt after few months. If your filter is clean, it stops the soiling of the evaporator coil.  But, overtime, this coil will inevitably become dirty. The result is the decrease of proper airflow and the coil also gets insulated. To escape from this condition, check out and clean the evaporator coil yearly or as needed.

Condenser and evaporator coils have aluminium fins which can quickly twist.  If this happens, the airflow gets clogged in the coil.  Most suppliers have available fin comb—a suitable tool used in combing fins to go back to their first condition.

Condensate drains

Pass a solid wire through the drain channel of the air conditioner, do it occasionally. Blocked drain channels stop the unit from decreasing the humidity. If extreme moisture is produced, it will affect the coloring of the carpet and the wall.

Window seals

When the cold season begins, check out the seal on your window frame and the seal on your air conditioning unit. This makes sure that the seal has contact with the metal case of the unit. Risky moisture ruins the seal which then permits the cool air to get out of your home.

Winter preparedness

During the winter time, you can take away and keep your unit in storage or just simply cover it. Keep that unit safe by covering the outdoor portion. This will effectively protect it from getting damaged by the effects of debris and winter climate.

Getting expert’s services

If you think you can’t handle the task or if your unit requires more than just the usual upkeep, find a skilled service technician.  Get someone experienced enough to handle the air conditioning cleaning. Such technician can fix all the issues you have in your cooling system.

What must the skilled technician do?

  • Inspect the right amount of the refrigerant.
  • Test leaks with a leak detector.
  • Get any refrigerant from the unit, rather than releasing it in the air.
  • Inspect and seal the system’s duct leakage.
  • Gauge the amount of airflow in the evaporator coil.
  • Check out the sequence of energy control.
  • Check out the belts and oil the motor.
  • Check out the thermostat if it’s accurate.

If you’re not sure whether your cooling unit needs cleaning or not, remove the cool air register at home and see it. Get the services of an air conditioning cleaning company if you’re not happy with what you see.  Certainly, they can give you the best customer service to fix your cooling system.