When a high finish is required and you need a panel that is flat and manageable then the popular choice is to use ACM. It is made when we get two thin sheets of aluminium and bind them together in any kind of thermoplastic core like a polyethylene core or a fire retardant core panel. There are many materials and applications to choose from but ACM is very lightweight and with the right company and people doing the job, it can be made into many components and systems that will outlast and perform much better than its nearest rival.

Flexible Yet Strong.

Every day we may come across or see many aluminium composite panels, but we are unaware of it. Many buildings, install custom design aluminium cladding systems, but when we look at it, it looks like wood or stone or any other material and that is the beauty about it, it can be shaped and finished in aluminium, steel, zinc, titanium or copper. The panels are available in a vast number of colours and can be made so as to match your current buildings’ application. It provides very clean and very modern lines that would look fantastic on any structure.


The composite panel itself is extremely lightweight after it is completely installed, which in comparison to other materials on the market, is hard to beat. The panels are fantastically durable and will stand the test of time when installed on your building. The material itself is a great choice because if you wish to be environmentally friendly this particular building material is very sustainable. Most panels are constructed from about eighty five percent recycled aluminium but still maintains its natural oxide coating which offers great protection from the rain, snow, ice and wind.

Save On Bills.

If the aluminium is not painted then it can significantly assist with reducing the transmission of heat by almost ten per cent, which will reduce the cost of having the air conditioner on in most Australian homes. In order to abide by strict building codes in Australia the aluminium panels must be made with a core that is fire resistant and so is safe to put on your building. This type of cladding has been used in Australia for many years and is trusted by many builders and home owners, due to their versatility regarding colours and how it looks on your building.


It is very cheap to install and can completely change the whole outside of a building from a drab mess to a shining success. They are installed on all our buildings of importance like hospitals, courts of law and of course, your favourite shopping centres. It isn’t just the price that makes people choose ACP, as stated previously, it is environmentally friendly which cuts down on wastage when it is manufactured. This way you get to make your home or business beautiful while also doing your best for mother nature.

If you do decide to install an aluminium cladding system always check that there is sufficient stock of what you want to do and if possible, put your order in many months before you need it. Because of its popularity, it may be gone quickly.

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