If your business is located in Australia, then the premises must endure a long list of natural elements, and the choice of exterior surface materials is indeed varied. Modern building façade systems fabricated from aluminium really do give you everything you need, with tailored solutions that come in a stunning range of colours that are more than a match for the harsh Australian climate.

Complete Façade Systems

Modern cladding solutions use integrated systems that comprise a several key components, and the system can be used to create almost any design, and with flashing, guttering and downpipes, you can create the ideal surface that not only looks good, it is also extremely durable and once fitted, requires no maintenance.

Why Aluminium?

Simply put, aluminium ticks all the boxes for a business premises. It is light and strong, and almost any look can be created. Anodised surfaces ensure that the panels do not fade, crack, or peel, and can withstand even the harsh coastal atmosphere. State of the art aluminium cladding systems are extremely versatile and can accommodate any building design, and for style they can offer the business owner a new level in aesthetics, and the non-corrosive properties can withstand even salty coastal conditions.


For any business premises, the external surface needs to be extremely durable and be able to stand up to extreme weather conditions, and modern aluminium cladding systems offer many advantages, and being maintenance free, you can keep maintenance costs low. All businesses are looking for ways to minimise outgoings, and exterior building maintenance is certainly one area where savings can be made, and once the cladding is in place, you can forget exterior surface maintenance.

Queensland Testing

Modern aluminium cladding is exposed to the extreme climate of northern Queensland in a series of tests. Using special mirrors, it is possible to concentrate the sunlight and keep it blazing down on the aluminium panels. Anything that passes such a test is more than adequate for any environment, and with an integrated system, every square inch of the surface is protected, and with tongue and groove panels that fit tightly together, the exterior surface is both smooth and very durable.

Boost your Company Image

Whatever your business, having a complete overhaul with composite aluminium cladding can really boost your company’s image. More than twenty colours, including stunning metallic shades, and with some creativity, you can create something that will make heads turn. Design is a major component of any commercial project and by dealing with an established supplier, you can be sure of a first class design and installation.

An online search is the best place to start if you are looking for composite aluminium cladding, and any established supplier would be able to give you a few addresses where you can see for yourself how the finished product looks. The supplier would have many years of hands-on experience, and with their help, you can design the perfect cladding that will protect your business premises for many years to come.