Home is a shelter and dwelling place for us. Many of the animals, like us, have permanent or temporary homes to live in. Our homes are not just a shelter place for us to rest but we use our homes as socializing place as well. There is no doubt that there was a cave man as well. They used to have studio apartment like place where they would stay to be safe from the weather and ferocious animals. But one thing we have seen in those stage humans that they used to draw drawing of stories on their wall caves. I have no proof to call them as their way of interior decorating their caves, but it is a food for a thought, isn’t it? Coming back to present and modern times, we also have wall carvings as art work on the walls though very expensive. Very few people can afford to have such wall carvings and an interior design to support these carvings. However we use different images on custom canvas prints to decorate the walls of our interior. I have mentioned here few of the home décor ideas in trend at present time.

Playing with Color Schemes

This new trend is relatively easy on the pockets and one can totally change the interior theme of their homes by just playing with different ‘color schemes’. Every room has a certain personality embedded in it through use of different colors. There are number of options one can go for, keeping in mind their type and color of flooring and furniture they already have or planning to buy.

LIGHTS and Action!!!

Another trendy way of giving a modern touch to interior decoration is having some amazing light fixtures for the purpose. The need of light and lighting fixtures is different for different themes as a matter of fact. If you have a more of a nature theme as your interior décor, you will need more of hidden light fixtures and windows for sunlight. On the other hand if you are having a more of a sci-fi look in your interior, you will need to have fixture with LEDs and ‘aerodynamic design’ in nature.

Solid Decorations

In a normal and an average house, there are a whole bunch of different decoration items. These decoration items are placed on tables, top of fireplace and also hung on walls. Choice of decoration item is also heavily dependent upon your theme’s choice. The trend these days for canvas prints having different images of different nature are very much in. Different image galleries of ‘online photo printing service’ provider offer wide range of image to choose from. You can even upload your choice of image for these wall hangings.

Americano Kitchens

There is very big trend of joining a kitchen with a living room these days. This is what we call using the space efficiently. A kitchen has become more open and thus very much insight for the guest visiting your home. The new American kitchen designs have given great importance their outlook. The marbles and other color scheme used for these kitchens are meant to contribute towards interior décor themes of your choice. The kitchen area has become not only small but efficient with introduction of some modified kitchen appliances. It is no longer the way it used to be; now kitchens are given more importance than even the living room as a matter of fact.