lawn careA lawn is an indispensable portion your homestead. It makes your compound beautiful and the environment serene. It adds to the appeal of your domicile. There are times when you get worked up and you just need somewhere to cool off; an arena to revitalize your mind. The lawn can perfectly help you achieve such a purpose. A lawn can also be a sporting field where you just run with your kids and have a good time. Because of these and many other functions that lawns serve such as throwing of parties and barbeques, they need to be recreational and enjoyable. To make this happen, you need to take care of your lawn, maintaining it in such a manner that you will be guaranteed of continuous fun. Below are some of the tips that can go along way into ensuring that your lawn is in a pleasant shape.

Lawn Leveling

It is appreciated that our lifestyles in the present age are characterized by tight schedules and hopping from meeting to meeting. To help you in maintaining your lawn, you need to apportion time and do one activity then resume later on and continue. Lawn leveling should be the first chore that you do. When doing the leveling, you need to have the overall picture of the lawn in place especially its structure and topography. You need to set realistic goals while doing this to avoid either working without a plan or operating with an ambitious one. Lawn leveling begins with the removal the first layer of the soil and then leveling the subsoil. Should there be any lumps, ensure you remove them. When the subsoil is in good shape you can then apply the top soil back.

Application of Fertilizers

Since the lawn grass needs to appear healthy, you need to use fertilizers. As opposed to the artificial fertilizers that leave insoluble residue in the soil, organic composts breakdown completely to enrich the soil while at the same time leaving no harmful residue. When applying the fertilizers, ensure that the temperatures are warm for decomposition to take place fast. The best months to fertilize the lawn are usually August and October primarily because of the warm sunny weather that comes along with them. In the application of fertilizer, it is necessary that you be extra careful so that you apply only the fertilizer meant for lawn grass and not any other vegetation.

The Choice of Grass Seeds

Lawn grass is not randomly chosen but rather carefully selected as per the breed, the maturity duration and other pertinent factors. Durability plays a very critical role in the decision of the type of seeds to buy. Grass that is not durable will give you a hard time maintaining it as it can sprout today and wither tomorrow. On the other hand durable grass will guarantee you that even in the most difficult times, it will still survive. This reduces your overall expenditure as you will not buy seeds every now and then. The appearance of the lawn grass when mature should also be considered when buying the seeds. This means that when making this decision, you need to have the futuristic perspective of how you want the lawn to be. Carpet grass, Centipede grass or Rye grass can be good choices depending on your preferences and the size of the lawn.

Lawn Mowing

This is another delicate part of your lawn maintenance. When mowing the grass, ensure that you do it very clinically because a simple mistake can result into you spoiling the appearance and even the health of the grass. When chopping the blades of the grass, be careful not to go beyond one third of the blade height. Doing so will interfere with future growth of the grass. To enable you achieve success in mowing, you need to carefully choose your equipment. Good equipment may be a bit costly but cheap one may cause your lawn more harm than good. Ensure the blades of the equipments you use are well sharpened for a clean cut.

Detaching of Lawn Grass

It is common to find dead thatches on your lawn after some duration of time. These thatches typically develop between the surface of the soil and the green blades. They make the lawn appear unkempt and ugly. When thatches appear, you are to start the process of detaching straight away. You can detach through raking and afterwards water the exposed roots so that they do not dry up. The best season for detaching is summer.