In a period when renting an apartment is currently increasing in Dubai, it may be difficult to negotiate a rent decrease. Instead of looking at how to bring down your monthly rent, you will presumably have better luck figuring out how to stay away from rent increase. This will mean lower housing costs over the long run.To enable you to find the most ideal approach to save money on housing costs, we’ve assembled the accompanying tips on the most proficient method on how to avoid a rent increase

Paying Rent on Time

The better you are a tenant, the more probable your landowner will avoid from increasing your rent. He or she wouldn’t like to lose a good tenant, much the same as you would prefer not to need to locate another apartment if the rent turns out to be too high.

Experts recommend landowners decide rent increase exclusively in view of how much their tenants will pay. If they utilize something besides this criterion, they risk losing goodtenants and might be looked with higher vacancy rates.

Remain pet free while renting an apartment

Renting with pets frequently converts into additional expenses or security deposits to help take care of the expenses of any damages caused by your pet. One of my friend get an Apartment For Rent In Dubai Marina and after month or 2 he bought a Golden Retriever Puppy after 4 to 5 days apartment owner caught him and ask for extra payment and other things so it’s really important to discuss with owner about the pet before moving to the apartment.Monthly pet charges and increased security deposits run as an inseparable unit with pet-friendly rental housing.

If you need to hold your rental costs down, hold up to get a pet until the point that you claim a home or can bear to pay the additional monthly pet rent.

Try not to move

Experts say that the rate at which tenants moved hit a memorable low of just 22.7 percent. For what reason aren’t tenants moving as regularly as they used to? It likely has a remark with the cost of moving.

The cost of the whole procedure is frequently thought little of. Each time you move and signa new rent agreement, you can hope to pay a great deal. Most of the time landowners will expect a security deposit, first and last month’s rent, application expenses, possible finder’s or broker’s fees or and a pet expense if you have one.

Signing the contract

Your landowner can’t raise the rent amid a fixed term rent. The longer your rent term, the greater security you will have in knowing your rent won’t go up.

Looking for tenants and refreshing an apartment after a tenant leaves is expensive and tedious for landowners. In case you’re willing to sign a two-year contract rent, you might be able to negotiate with the landowner for a lower monthly rent. Check DEWA and other bills either all the previous bills are paid or not.

Abstain negotiating for appliance upgrade or costly repairs

A landowner may raise the rent to pay for new appliances, increased maintenance and otherexpendituresrelatedto the rental property.

If your landowner inquires as to whether you need another washer and dryer or other appliance, inquire as to whether it will be combined with a rent increase. If this is true, hold out if the one you have is working fine. Furthermore, if there is a maintenance issue, like a clogged toilet or broken window, think about settling the issue yourself if your rent permits it. Each little issue will cost your landowner time and cash to facilitate a repair and he may need to bring the lease up later to suit settling these issues.

Remember that you ought to report maintenance issues since small issue can prompt an extremely costly repair down the line.

Last but not the least

Rentincreases the rental housing market. Some tenants will probably encounter a rentincrease relying upon the area of their rental, the type of housing and the maintenance of the property.

While some land owners will raise the rent consistently to avoid a large increase down the road, other landowners choose to avoid rent increasealtogether when they have found good tenants