Is Your Backyard Ready for Summer

With the warmer weather looming ahead, summer is right around the corner. The long, warm days are perfect for cookouts, backyard camping, and plenty of summer parties full of barbecues, s’mores, and good conversation.

After the seasonal changes, many people know their yard needs a spruce in order to be presentable for summer parties. Plus, your outdoor space adds livable square footage to your home. Preparing your outdoor space for the summer can provide you with maximum enjoyment as you can enjoy indoor/outdoor living to the fullest potential.

Here are a few landscaping and design tips that can help get your backyard ready for the summer months:

Is Your Backyard Ready for Summer

Lounge Space

Most outdoor spaces include a patio table with chairs for easy eating access. However, if you have a large patio space, consider adding a lounge space along with your patio table and chairs. A soft couch or padded chairs around a coffee table or fire pit will help add more comfort and warmth to the space as a whole. Plus, if you hope to entertain outside often, the lounge space not only adds additional seating, it is also the perfect spot to hook up a TV where you can stream TV packages from DIRECTV. Having the ball game or summer Olympics on in the background can be a great ice breaker if there are people who do not know each other.


A nicely manicured yard is the perfect backdrop to any summer party. A mowed lawn and garden space not only looks beautiful, it also adds a play space for children while the adults catch up. The cold winter weather typically weathers the lawn, leaving you with dry or dead spots that take constant care to restore to their former glory. While seeding and fertilizing the areas can help, sometimes it is easier to put down new sod instead.

Additionally, if any plants did not survive the winter, look to add drought resistant plants that take little to no maintenance, as it will add beauty to the space without adding any additional work to your landscaping duties.


While the summer is great for barbecues, it is also the hottest time of the year. Between the high temperatures and high humidity, the beating sun can ruin the ambiance of a summer party. Try to extend the shade as much as possible in your outdoor space. Whether it is adding a couple umbrellas around the space, building a pergola or patio cover, or planting some large trees, any way you can extend the shade can help keep everyone cool and happy during the party.


For evening parties, add as many lights as you can to illuminate the space. Most backyards have only a porch light, which often does not yield enough light to illuminate more than the door itself, thus consider installing different types of outdoor lights, including light strings, chandeliers, or standing lanterns or candles. The soft lights will yield an intimate look that still manages to keep everything lit up.

These easy tips can help prepare your yard for the summer season.