Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo furniture has excellent worm damage prevention property, inflaming retarding, wear resistant, anti-mildew performance, soft surface luster, good physical dimension and steady product quality. Solid wood furniture has good sound insulation performance, but it is easy to deform and crack for its density is lower than bamboo.

In fact, bamboo furniture has existed for a long period. Many people have the thought of that bamboo furniture is out of date. In fact, modern bamboo furniture has many merits that people do not know. The environmental protection property, durability and comfort level of bamboo furniture is better than modern panel furniture. It may better than common wooden furniture. Besides, bamboo furniture is easy to clean. These features make it free of the reproduction of mite and bacteria. It is good choice for people with allergic constitution.

Customer can find all kinds of bamboo furniture on the market – screen, cabinet, sofa, end table, chair etc. The appearance of bamboo furniture is similar to wooden furniture. New type bamboo furniture uses tenon structure. There is little hardware used on it. The touch feel of bamboo furniture is cooler than wooden furniture.

Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo has natural color, moisture proof performance, high hardness and is full of elasticity. There is great breakthrough in the style and design of bamboo furniture. This is obvious on glued laminated bamboo wood furniture. It integrate classical or modern furniture element under the basement of maintaining the filament line of traditional bamboo furniture. Glued laminated bamboo wood furniture realizes the perfect combination of fashion and environmental protection, elegant and comfort.

Glued laminated bamboo wood furniture can be divided into three categories from craftsmanship: traditional bamboo furniture having tenon joining as its main connection way, its structure and shape is similar to traditional hardwood furniture; glued laminated bamboo wood panel furniture with modern panel structure, which can realize standardized component process; curve bamboo furniture which give full play to the flexibility of bamboo based on traditional bamboo-culm furniture, bamboo is bent into different shape after high temperature kiln.

Compared with wooden furniture, bamboo has better moisture absorption, heat absorption performance, crush resistance and bend resistance. It is resistant to erode, wear and deform. It is more solid compared with wood. Bamboo can adjust the environmental moisture automatically and is moisture proof. Its heat conductivity coefficient is low, which make have the feature of warm in winter and cool in summer. A little-known fact about bamboo furniture is that it has the function of absorbing ultraviolet light. People will feel comfort in room with bamboo furniture. It can prevent the occurrence and deterioration of eye disease like shortsightedness. Besides, bamboo has good sound absorption and insulation property. It can block noise effectively.

Compared with wooden furniture, bamboo furniture has good physical and mechanical property. Glued laminated bamboo wood furniture can satisfy the strength requirement in smaller size than wooden furniture under the same bearing capacity strength.

Since bamboo furniture has so many merits, why people do not choose bamboo furniture? According to research, most people’s thought on bamboo furniture is affected by traditional bamboo furniture. Traditional bamboo furniture is easy to be damaged by worm, crack and decay. With modern antiseptic treatment and technology, many defects of bamboo furniture is overcame and carve, parquet are used on it. New type bamboo furniture can replace wooden furniture on both appearance and quality.