basement ideas

The nice thing about a basement is regardless of the temperature outside, it tends to stay pretty close to 70 degrees without a whole lot of work from the air conditioning unit. If you have a basement in your home and are worried about trying to keep cool this summer, your basement has the ability to help you do so by being the summer home of the living room world.

Since basements are usually nice and cool and have fewer windows, they’re great places for typical recreation like watching TV, having a place for the kids to play or even getting a little bit of work done.

basement ideas

While some basements aren’t finished, or are only partly finished, it will be assumed that you’ve got your basement livable and suitable for the same general use as an upstairs living room. If that’s the case, you can definitely use it to your advantage during the warmer months of summer.

Make it the TV room — If you have an extra TV in your house, you’ll definitely want to consider keeping it in the basement during the summer, if it’s not already there. Even if you only have one TV, the basement might be the best place for it during the summer. Being able to relax in the cooler temperatures is much nicer than trying to keep a living room cool enough to not be worrying about the heat.

The exercise area — If you work out at home, the basement might already be your choice location, but also consider giving the basement dibs on your exercise routine before you go outside to do it. If the temperatures are high enough, the outdoors might not even be an entirely safe place to work out. If you want to keep it up through the summer months, you’ll definitely need to utilize the cool protected space of your basement.

For walkout models, keep the grill right outside — This all depends on the layout of your home and your basement. If you have a walkout model where there’s a door that leads to an outside patio, having the grill right outside those doors might be a nice way to enjoy the summer while giving your family access to the cool temperatures of the basement. If you have patio furniture, enjoy a meal or two outside before you come back in to avoid the heat.

Use it as a daytime play area for the kids — If you’ve got younger kids, they’ll definitely play better and be more content if they’re not feeling constantly overheated. For the summer, move their play room to the basement, even if it’s just temporary. They’ll enjoy it more if they aren’t constantly feeling too hot and will also be far less likely to get irritated with you or their siblings.

Not everyone has a basement to use and many who do, don’t have it fully finished and usable. If you’re someone who has a finished and usable basement, take advantage of that during the summer. You’ll have a far easier time staying cool in a room that’s regulated by the ground’s temperature, as opposed to a room that’s regulated by the air’s temperature.

If you make enough of a habit of it, you might even be able to leave your thermostat a little higher and just use the upstairs rooms during the evenings and nights.

Though it might take a little improvising and adjusting, you can definitely find ways to stay cool during the hot summer months.

With a basement at your disposal, the stage is already set.