Bathroom Makeover Ideas

The bathroom is one of those places we feel most at ease, our own personal area where we can enjoy our own company. It is a place to unwind with a steaming hot bath, or a long cool shower, at the end of a gruelling day at the office. If you fancy revamping your bathroom, here are a few ideas to help you create the perfect environment.

Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Bath versus shower

Of course, it is lovely to wallow in a hot tub and soothe those aching muscles, however, many smaller bathrooms could really use that space. In this situation, one might want to consider removing the bath and installing a corner shower, which will give more floor space for a double vanity or storage unit, while also providing the perfect shower environment. So, if you want something sleek and stylish, and are looking for frameless shower screens in Perth, there are reputable online suppliers that can help you transform your favourite room.

Storage towers

These come in a range of sizes, and with attractive designs, they are ideal for keeping those extra towels, or a few bathrobes for guests. A storage tower is interchangeable, so by adding sections, one can increase the storage space without changing the look of the room.


The tiles are the foundation of any bathroom, and re-tiling not only gives you a new surface, it also allows you to completely re-design the room, perhaps choosing a light shade of blue, or pale yellow, or maybe a mosaic look.


With a range of smoked glass units, one can dramatically alter the ambience of any bathroom. Consider a different shape; you might be pleasantly surprised at how much difference that makes.


This is where creativity and LED collide. With the right use of floor-level strips, your bathroom takes on a futuristic feel, and by adding dimmer switches, one has even more control. Girls might like to consider coloured strip lights around their mirror, which gives the room a glamorous touch.

Wall-mounted cabinets

Strategically placed, wall-mounted units can give you extra storage space, without intruding on the character of the room. Ideal for the medicine cupboard, or perhaps the bath toys the kids love so much. With a range of materials available, you can be sure to find something that fits in perfectly with bathroom décor.

Towel racks

One should consider these as essentials, and replacing them adds another dimension to any changes you are going to make. There are modern and traditional styles, and with a range of materials available, you will find the ideal place to put those fluffy white towels. Putting an extra towel rack on the back of the door is never a bad idea, just in case.

Showerheads and faucets

These attachments can add something to the look you are trying to create, and with so many different designs, you will be able to add that finishing touch to your new bathroom. Remember to colour co-ordinate the extras like toothbrush holder, bin, and soap dispenser. With some careful planning, your bathroom can be a place you won’t want to leave!