You love spending time scouting out unique antique stores.

You get excited when you find something ancient and can’t wait to add it to your collection of century-old antiques.

Antiquing to you is more than a hobby, it’s a love!

Sound familiar?

If this sounds like you, then you are probably a true lover of history. You appreciate the story behind antique items and appreciate the irreplaceable value that they have.

Antique oak furniture offers the same kind of stories that other antique items have. Many of these items are truly beautifully designed pieces of furniture and would be a stunning addition to any home. So, for you antique enthusiasts out there looking for a way to beautify your house with amazing antique furniture, we’ve compiled a few furniture ideas for your home.


Oak furniture can be worth a lot of money.

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 Antique drop down desks:

There are a lot of different varieties of these exquisitely made antique drop down desks. These types of desks are not only beautiful to look at, but they are a great way to store a lot of different items in a small amount of space.  Most drop down desks have three or four drawers that can store papers, pens, or other miscellaneous office materials, then the top part opens into a writing area.  The inside has built-in compartments where you can store envelopes, bills, shipping supplies or other important documents, and the writing space is user friendly and large.


There are a lot of gorgeous hand-carved hutches available that are a beautiful piece of history. Many hutches have drawers, a buffet serving area to pour drinks or serve food off of, and they have several shelves for storing some of your precious china, wine glasses, or antique silverware. These items are very functional, sturdy, and are lovely to look at.

Oak wardrobes/armoires:

These fabulous pieces of furniture usually have one large single drawer on the bottom to store shoes or other accessories, while the inside offers spacious hanging areas with hooks, shelves, or rails to store clothing.  Many of these (not all) have mirrors on the outside, so when you close the door, you are able to get a full glimpse of your completed dress ensemble.


Antique oak furniture is becoming more popular.

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 Rocking chairs:

There is nothing more beautiful than an elegant and traditional oak rocking chair. Just think of the rich history that comes with each antique rocking chair. Think of the many babies were rocked in these chairs by parents and grandparents – so many generations ago! These beautiful pieces are often handmade and have special family roots tied to them.  Often, rocking chairs are passed down from generation to generation in a family. Rocking chairs are a beautiful addition to any living room, bedroom, or nursery.

Antique furniture can make your home more beautiful while adding a irreplaceable touch of history to it.  Many antique furniture pieces are great talking points for guests that visit your home and are an interesting way to learn more about different cultures or countries.  Start antiquing today and you’ll find the perfect piece of antique furniture for your living space!

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