Have you ever seen bed bugs in your apartment? These are small parasitic insects that come from the cimicid family. They feed only on blood and mainly the human blood. Even as the name “bed bug” suggests, these parasitic and deadly insects are fond of hiding inside beds, beddings and at other sleeping areas. They become active at night when people are sleeping although they are not nocturnally exclusive. They like feeding on their hosts at night so that they cannot be easily noticed although they cause an itching effect on the skin when feeding on human blood.

Bedbugs on a bed sheet

Today bed bugs are very common in most apartments and they spread from one house to the other very fast. It is important to get rid of bed bugs in an apartment immediately you spot them in your apartment before they become an extinct. These parasites can cause adverse health effects on your body because their biting can cause psychological effects, skin rashes and even allergic symptoms.

What to Do When You Get Bed Bugs in Your Apartment

Most apartment communities suffer from bedbugs as they are not easily controlled unless serious preventive measures are put in place. It is therefore very necessary for the tenant and the landlord to understand the exclusive measures to take in order to eliminate these insects from your compound. Sometimes it is not easy to realize whether there are bed bugs in your house or apartment because they are small and their bite is painless. When they are many in your bed you may notice them because they their itching effect on the skin can make you not to sleep at all. The places where these insects are hiding can be easily noticed by sweetish odor or stains and dark spots that are tiny. According to research bed bugs are not known to have or cause any disease to people although the bites of bed bugs can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. Most people wonder how bed bugs come to an apartment but they come via a luggage that has been brought from a place that is infested such as hostels or hotels.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Apartment

When you realize that your apartment in infested with bed bugs informs the land lord. The landlord will then take appropriate measures immediately to prevent their spread as they are known to spread very fast from one infested room to the other. Some landlords may take it as a joke when you inform them of the bed bugs but the important thing to do is to capture one if possible and show it to your landlord or apartment manager and this will act as prove. The manager can control this by informing any nearby pest control company. This company will then and spray the whole apartment and if possible the nearby apartments including the beds and other things in those houses. After spraying it is advisable for the landlord to ensure that thorough inspection is done and this inspection should be followed by continuous vacuuming and treatment of the hiding spots of bed bugs. Through this way you can easily eliminate them from your apartment.Hotel management should also follow the effective ways to kill bed bugs effectively in a hotel.