home renovationWith continuous advancements and innovations in literally every field, we need to upgrade and progress constantly in order to stay abreast with the latest. First it was only technology that was being dynamically replaced but now even homes become boring for people if they don’t change their look after every couple of years. So what to do in case you feel your home needs a new look? Well, even if you are a beginner, you don’t have anything to worry about because renovating a home is a very easy job. However, it does require some extensive planning, and your blunders can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So, how do you avoid such costly blunders? By simply following the tips below:

1)      Know your budget: Among the limited resources available to you when thinking of renovating, money tops the list. So you need to budget your home renovation very carefully in order to avoid exhausting all your savings on this project. Remember, this is not the only renovation you will need for your home. After a couple of years, your home will require some other fixtures and improvements so you will have to invest in it yet again. Therefore don’t go all out and plan it out accordingly, taking into consideration only those elements which are absolutely necessary to renovate;

2)      Know your limitations: Creatively you must be thinking about a lot of changes for your home, but mind you; some of those changes might be against the zoning regulations and require additional time to request an accommodation in the area you live in.
This holds true especially if you are thinking about constructing an additional floor on top of your house. Most suburbs do not allow houses to build more than two floors above the ground, so do check with your local authorities about such limitations before you embark on such a project. Tearing down the construction at the end will only cost you a lot of money and time;

3)      Know your style: Sometimes people go through a home makeover and end up not liking the results. This is true especially for those people who don’t think their renovation plans through and fail to discover its tiny flaws beforehand. Sometimes the wall paint does not turn out the way they expected it to, other times the kitchen tiles are bland in color. Make sure you think over all the new color schemes one by one, compare everything with each other, and after a thorough review, invest in what truly appeals to you. After all you don’t want to end up in a renovated home that you start hating by the next week.

4)      Know your contractor: Your contractor is the most important person as far as the renovation of your home is concerned. He will always be there to meet your every need, try to fulfill your every requirement, and never want to disappoint you. However, there is one major issue with contractors: they hide costs. Hidden costs become a huge problem when halfway through your project,the contractor asks for a hefty sum of money due to the occurrence of unforeseen events, without which your project will come to a standstill. Of course, you would not want the renovation to stop, so you will pay up. However, if you are financing the renovation using very limited resources, what will you do? To avoid such a fiasco, it is best you ask your contractor to make clear to you every minute detail of the project and any hidden costs you should reasonably expect. Your contractor is bound to tell you about them all and if asked directly, may be able to offer some cost savings options to achieve a similar result.

There is not much you can do with your home renovation other than figure out what you want in terms of color schemes and structural designs. However, as far as the paint goes, if you are looking to cut down on labor cost, you can paint up the house yourself after all the structural renovation is done. Also supplement your newly renovated home with new furniture, rugs and curtains to give it a fresher feel. Decorate it the way you want and host another housewarming party, because practically you just set up a new house.