Whether you’re planting a new tree or a rose bush, where you buy the plants can be important. If you’re a novice gardener, you want to get the healthiest plants possible, which usually can be found at a nursery. Here are some of the benefits to buying plants from a nursery.

Staff is Knowledgeable

If you’re new to gardening, you may have several questions when buying plants or garden equipment. If you purchase items from a home improvement store, the staff there may not be able to answer your questions because they don’t only sell gardening supplies and plants.

However, by buying these items at a nursery, you will be dealing with people with years of experience and education in how to grow, plant, and identify plants, trees, or shrubs. They can answer your questions and help you with recommendations for your garden.

Help Choose Native Plants

A local nursery can help you purchase the best plants for your garden, which are native plants. Native plants, flowers, or trees are already acclimated to the soil and climate in your region, so they are better able to withstand the fluctuations in the weather. If you want to grow a hedgerow or buy shrubs, they can help you choose the hardiest varieties or those that won’t overtake your lawn or garden.

Get Healthy Plants

Growing plants or trees from seeds or nuts takes a long time, and trees can be fragile in their infancy. By purchasing trees that are ready to plant in your lawn or garden from a local wholesale nursery in Melbourne, they will be more likely to survive high winds, weather changes, and exposure to the sun.

In addition, the trees will not have pests that are foreign to the area, which can infect other mature trees in your garden or in neighbouring yards. The trees you get will be hardier and healthier.

Add to Local Economy

When you buy from a local nursery, you are buying plants, trees, or bushes from local growers. Doing so puts your money into the local economy instead of buying from a foreign corporation.

Supporting local growers allows them to make more money and can help keep them in business. Putting money into the local economy not only supports local business people and local growers, but it helps support the local government and schools as well with increased revenues.

When you’re ready to add new plants or trees to your garden, buying from a local nursery is the best way to find healthy, hardy plants that stand a better chance of surviving. They won’t be infested with foreign pests and you are supporting the local economy with your money.

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