Although it can seem cost prohibitive, replacing single-glazed with double-glazed windows has many advantages. Over time, they will pay for themselves by increasing your home’s value. Here are some of the other benefits of adding double-glazed windows to your home.

Reduces Cold Draughts

The cold winter air pushing against single glazed windows can create draughts right by the windows. This can lower the temperature in your home, causing the boiler to work harder to maintain the set temperature, which will increase your energy costs. With two panes of glass and a gas barrier between them, double-glazed windows make it almost impossible for cold air to seep through the glass, so the inside temperature won’t fluctuate.

Stops Condensation

When cold air presses against the heated glass of a single-glazed window, it can cause condensation. The moisture caused by the condensation can penetrate the wood frame of the window and mildew or cause it to warp, making it difficult to open and close it. Fortunately, Kent double glazing installers can help stop condensation from occurring because the extra glass and gas barrier prevents the cold air from pressing against the warm glass.

Improves Security

It is harder for thieves to break a double-glazed window than it is a single pane of glass without going unnoticed. In addition, safety or laminated glass can be installed in a double-glazed window to help provide additional security and prevent break-ins. If there have been problems with break-ins in your neighbourhood, installing double-glazed windows will improve your home’s security.

By reducing your energy bills, keeping your home safe from burglars, and preventing damage to the window frame, double-glazed windows can help pay for themselves in the long run. They can also reduce the noise in your house so babies and daytime sleepers get the rest they need.