Key Safes

Key safes are used in a variety of businesses from car showrooms to estate agents, retailers and bookies.  When it comes to key safes and key cabinets there is a good selection of products to choose from to suit both your security requirements as well as your budget.

Key safes and key cabinets range from mild steel cabinets to more expensive, high end designs that feature electronic locks and reinforced walls.  It’s definitely a case of you get what you pay for in this particular security sector so remember to balance the level of security you require against your budget.

Key Safes

Three types of combination lock key safes

There are generally three types of combination lock key safes, namely:-

  1. Digital electrical
  2. Mechanical push button
  3. Dial combination lock

The latter allows combination numbers to be reset by using the lever inside the safe itself.  With mechanical push button locks, resetting requires you to press down on the clear button, half-turn the handle to open the lid and reveal the tamper-proof panel covering the reset mechanism.  Once you have removed it, you’ll find a list of letters and numbers.  Just use the plastic tool provided, select your new combination by twisting an arrow next to each letter and number, it’s as easy as that.  The high end versions of digital electronic locks offer:-

  • Multi-user codes
  • Audit control to monitor who has opened the door and at what time
  • Time delay and time lock facilities

How much should I spend?  The answer to this is generally, the more you spend on a key safe, the more secure it will be.  Use this scenario as a buying guideline.  In a car rental office you may need a lower security cabinet for day use but then put the vehicle keys in a secure safe overnight. Make sure that the safe you buy has the right insurance rating to cover your keys.

Installing a home safe

Backing up your home security system with a home safe is a great idea.  It will lower the risk of losing your valuables to thieves, fire or even floods.  There are four main advantages of buying and installing a home safe.  It will provide you with:-

  1. Extra security – extra security for the valuables in your home will be well protected with a home safe.
  2. Access ability and convenience – why pay more for a safety deposit box at the bank when you can have the same security in your own home within easy reach, any time you need it.
  3. Reduces the odds – thieves are less likely to target your property if you have a home safe.
  4. Durable – home safes are very durable.  They can withstand extreme heat, water and burglary.

Reputable companies online have a wide range of key safes, key cabinets, home safes and fire safes for sale.  Start browsing, see for yourself and buy a reliable safe today.