Metallic surfaces, in their original condition, are not exactly suitable for use in industrial applications. Most metals have either a dull or a shiny appearance, which is why they need to be painted first. The finishing process for different types of metals is not as simple as you might think; you can’t just run a paint brush over the surface and think that the paint is going to stick. Conventional painting processes are not suitable for metallic surfaces because the paint is unlikely to stick. Instead, specialised paint finishing equipment is used to apply the right paint onto the surface.

Companies such as PB Metal Finishing Systems create custom equipment for providing a range of unique metal finishes. The company has established a solid presence in the local industry for providing high quality powder coating equipment. Powder coating is by far the most common process used to get the right metal finish. Powder coating is generally applied electrostatically, and involves the use of free-flowing dry powder on the surface. Whereas liquid paint requires a binder to keep it attached to a surface, this is not a problem with powder coating. Since the paint is applied via electrostatic methods and cured under heat, it literally becomes a part of the surface and serves like a second skin. Now, if you are caught in two minds about whether to use a powder finish or not, here are just some of the many benefits of metal finishing.

A Better-looking Surface

If you are worried about the surface of the metal finish, having it powder coated is a good idea. Powder coating greatly enhances the appearance of a metal surface, and will give it a unique look. It can greatly improve the appearance of different machines in a factory area. On top of that, metal finishing also removes any sharp edges and abrasiveness from a surface, thus making it look and feel smooth and clean. Any flaws on the surface will also be completely removed.


One of the issues with many metal surfaces is that they are very susceptible to corrosion and rust. However, powder coating can increase the corrosion resistance of a metal surface, thus greatly improving its usable life. If the metal items are generally used in open areas or places with a high amount of water vapour, it won’t be long before the first signs of corrosion and rust become evident. However, with appropriate powder coating, you won’t have to worry about the onset of corrosion so quickly.

Easy to Clean

Abrasive surfaces are generally very difficult to clean. On the other hand, thanks to powder coating, these surfaces can become much smoother, thus allowing you to clean them much more easily. In certain areas where hygiene is of the utmost importance, powder coating can make a huge difference. These are just some of the many reasons why you should consider having metal finishing done on all metal surfaces within your facility.