Stone is an ideal material to spruce up your driveway in a uniquely attractive way without breaking the budget. These types of driveways can be seen all over Fairfield, Connecticut and across the United States. Homeowners love the satisfying “crunchy” feel of stones beneath their tires and feet as they approach their homes.

There are many other benefits associated with a stone driveway but, before deciding to contact a gravel driveway contractor for installation, you should do your due diligence in learning the important things to consider when choosing this type of driveway.

4 benefits of having a stone driveway

There wouldn’t be so many Fairfield homes with stone driveways installed if there weren’t compelling reasons to do so. Here are some of the perks

  1.    Varied Options

There are so many diverse selections when it comes to choosing the best gravel driveway for your home. It is easy to find the best material that you like, and that blends well with the theme of your landscape. Some excellent ideas you might want to consider as offered by Fairfield Masons include:

–    Crushed Stone – Crushed stones are perfect for anyone looking for the old traditional grave look. Depending on the quarry crushed stone come in different hues that easily blend with varying themes of the landscape.

–    Pea Gravel – Pea gravel is one of the most popular choices among homeowners due to its variety of colors and texture. If you are looking for a fun and edgy look in your driveway, then this is a popular choice.

–    Washed Clean Stone – Intricate and extremely clean, washed clean stone driveways exude luxury and sophistication

–    Jersey Shore Gravel – This type of stone driveway brings the Jersey Shore coastline and its tranquil and peaceful feel to your abode

–    White marble chips – Simple and unique, white marble chips create an ethereal driveway and are sure to turn heads.

  1.    Affordability

Many people focus more on their home interior and gardening but tend to leave out the hard exterior upgrades and makeover due to strained budgets. It doesn’t always have to be so – a stone driveway is very affordable and can comfortably fit within the scope of your overall budget. You will save a lot of on costs, especially when buying from a local manufacturer and supplier.

  1.    Ease of Installation

Installing stone driveways is relatively fast and straightforward. While you can do it yourself, some areas may first require excavation and clearing of any debris before the stone is layered out. Hiring a professional masonry contractor help will ensure that the project is completed within the shortest period of time.

  1.    Immediate Usage

You can walk on or drive over a stone driveway just as soon as it is efficiently installed. This is a significant advantage over other surfacing options like asphalt and concrete which needs to dry and cure first before use.

What type of ongoing maintenance can you expect to do on a stone driveway?

Stone drives are relatively low maintenance. To keep your driveway in tip-top condition though, you will need to perform little tasks like weed pulling, raking, annual/bi-annual herbicide application and replacement of displaced stones.

You can now make an informed decision about installing a stone driveway. Feel free to contact a professional contractor for stone driveway installation in Fairfield to give your house an unforgettable first impression.