With rapid urban development, people have witnessed some great architectural designs coming to life. It is a moment of proud when eyes fall on something man made which is beautiful and functional. There have been rise of many-storied buildings, breathtakingly beautiful commercial properties with abstract yet magnanimous design, birth of many housing communities and so on. However, that feeling of satisfaction when arriving at a property is not the same every time. While there have been huge developments, there also have been rise of many disappointing structures that failed to impress people.

For everything to go according to the plan, there is the incessant need of a good real estate developer. It might seem perplexing as to why a developer, since he/ her does not play the role of a builder. A developer in the real estate industry is one who invests in a piece of land, undertakes the responsibility of its development and assigns builders and designers for the construction of a structure upon that plot. Hence, it is under the influence and control of the developer to build something keeping in mind the requirements of people and values of real estate. The qualities that affirm a developer of being great at his job are:

  • Real estate always involves risk factor, and an investor has to do necessary calculations before finalizing upon a piece of property. For a developer cum investor, risk factor is much high. Yet to turn the vision into reality and give the society what is deserves, a proficient developer is always willing to undertake risks and finds way to succeed.
  • A real estate developer has to deal with different sets of people. From builders to labors, attorneys and future investors, he/ she needs to attend them all and make sure things go as planned. An individual reaches such a position only on having negotiation and convincing skills.
  • Construction projects take few years to finish and in that slot of time period a real estate developer has to make certain decisions that are not easy. Since this process involves, builders and buyers and lot more people, to keep all of them satisfied might become tricky. However, this quality of making right decisions at the time of tensions is what sets the best developers apart from the ordinary ones.
  • Customer or client satisfaction is the goal of almost any sort of business. Same applies for the real estate industry. Prioritizing the trust and need of investors and buyers over good income is a credible and great quality to expect from a good developer like Bernshtam . Graduating in finance, he has been the CEO of many companies and is the leader of Avalon Holdings LLC and its other entities, as real estate investment and development professional. He has earned this title by a combination of hard work, skills and ardent desire to give people what they want. Many individuals and group have trusted him and his work, and received satisfaction with the result.

Bernshtam is an epitome of a reliable and capable real estate developer who sought to bring significant development in this industry by also keeping the investors pleased.