While there is nothing wrong with a modern looking home, there is something special about a dated property. Many British homes are a testament to the excellent building standards of former times, and if you happen to own such a property, home improvements can be complex. Anything that affects the exterior appearance must be carefully co-ordinated, and in most cases, it has to be timber in order to keep in line with the overall appearance.

Keeping the Original Design

If you own a modern home, then replacing the windows allows for a change in design and perhaps colour, yet with a heritage property, you should stay as close to the original design as possible. Sash windows are a feature with many older properties, and if you can find an established joinery company, they can replicate the same design, yet with modern additions, such as double glazing and security locking, and the new windows would take nothing away from the exterior appearance.

Double Glazing as Standard

Regardless of the materials used, all new windows and doors would be double glazed, and this ensures minimal heat loss through any glazed surface. If your existing windows are single glazed, you will definitely notice the difference an extra pane of glass makes, and it isn’t just thermal insulation, as double glazing gives you excellent sound insulation, and the difference is very noticeable.

Timber Exterior Doors

Of course, it is essential you select a good grade of timber for exterior doors, and with the right treatment, the unit will be more than a match for the British climate. If you prefer a solid timber door, there is no limit to your design options, you could even have your family crest carved into a panel, or any other design that takes your fancy. If you live in the Midlands, there are affordable wooden front doors in Willenhall from a local family run joinery business, and creating unique timber solutions for homeowners is their speciality.

The Process Explained

Once you have managed to contact a reputable joinery company, they would be happy to send a representative to your home, and after some discussion regarding possible styles and materials, he would measure up your windows and doors, and after a few minutes, would be able to give you a fair quote. Should you be in agreement, a surveyor would call round within a week or so, and he would take the precise measurements for the manufacturing process. Things like timber choice, opening styles and door fittings would all be agreed beforehand, and armed with this information, they would build the units in their factory, and with a confirmed installation date, the fitting team would arrive early in the morning, and the work can begin.

The range of different timbers ensures that you will find something that perfectly suits your home, and with made to measure units, you can choose your own style and openings to really transform the property.