The homemade detergents can save the most difficult situations like cleaning spills of coffee, tea or tomato sauce. Imagine the degree of staining and the importance of the fast cleaning if it comes to spills over a handmade rug or Oriental carpet with natural fibers. That`s why the homemade detergents are truly useful for an improvised cleaning or just wiping off dirt, as well as for the big house cleaning every season. Next are some useful tricks and tips on how to overcome the challenges that you probably don`t expect.

The first challenge is the choice of the right homemade detergent for the specific stain or surface of the carpet. They all are different and they require a different treatment:

– A paste of baking soda, hot water and shampoo in a small bowl is recommended for light stains such as dry spots from kitchen grease. Apply the mixture right onto the spots and let it soak for a few minutes. The truly hard and persistent spots should be treated with a different homemade detergent while another great opt is to let the light solution to overnight without rubbing.

– A mix of baking soda, hot water, powder laundry detergent and rubbing alcohol will give you a truly powerful combination, which can help you with the cleaning of some of the hardest stains such as butter and wine spills. According to how much you`re mixing, you can get a quite unique homemade solution that can match the professional solutions of the cleaning companies;

– A bowl with just hot water, rubbing alcohol and a tiny amount of lemon juice should be enough for spot cleaning the smallest stains. The solution is liquid rather than a paste, which makes it perfect for penetrating deep into the bases of the fibers of carpets and rugs, which have long fibers. Most of all, this homemade detergent is safe for the lush colors and it spreads out no volatile chemical compounds when cleaning.

The right way for application of the detergents is another challenge, especially for carpets and rugs with long fibers or for the hand-knotted ones. You should get yourself a stiff brush for rubbing the stain in order to help dislodge the dirt. Yet it is most effective only for spot cleaning carpets with short fibers. Another great idea is to have at least a couple of cloths – one clean only for dabbing with clean water, and one for applying the detergent and for scrubbing along with the brush. A spatula is the next important item that will help you with the correct application of the detergent. Moreover, the spatula is very useful for removal of the dislodged dirt instead of scrubbing with a towel and rinsing it more frequently.

In all cases – don`t forget the golden rule when spot cleaning: begin the rubbing from the outer part to the centermost part of the stain. This will ensure no excessive spills and spreading out of the dirt and therefore making a bigger mess. Start rubbing with circular motions and a medium force, then wipe off the excess by the spatula and finish with a clean cloth and water by dabbing only.

If you plan to soak up the entire carpet or rug in a homemade detergent – it will probably need quite much time for drying. It is important to let it dry naturally on a shaded place or on a medium sunlight. The direct sunlight is more like a true challenge rather than a natural enhancement of the drying process. The summer sunlight can cause burning effect, discoloration and staining of some carpets and rugs.