Whether you are redecorating, or simply looking for a way to change up the appearance of your home with minimal effort, new window coverings are a good, effective option.

There are hundreds of different designs, materials, colours and finishes available to match your colour schemes.

But how do you choose between blinds, curtains or shutters?

The case for blinds

Custom fit blinds provide an easy, low maintenance window covering that looks good from the inside and outside of the house. By opting for custom fit blinds, your home will be better insulated in the winter by preventing draughts through your windows.

The fitted blinds can also be adjusted to allow just the right amount of light or shade into your room. They also offer some sound-proofing properties to help protect your privacy and minimise street noise.


Well-built window blinds will last for many years without risk of fading or wearing out – particularly those made of wood or hard-wearing metals.

The case for curtains

Curtains are a quick and popular solution to your window covering needs. They are also a great choice for creating a style statement in any room, and perfect for minimising draughts and improving insulation.

Unfortunately curtains don’t look as good from the outside as the other options. You could also twin curtains with blinds if you want the style of curtains internally, but the more classy look of blinds on the outside.

Fabric curtains are also prone to fading when exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. Curtains therefore have a definite lifespan and will need to be replaced every few years.


The case for shutters

Handmade wooden shutters add a touch of glamour to any home. Because they are made to measure, you can be sure that window shutters will fit your windows perfectly and look great from inside and outside.

Window shutters are also available in a range of styles so you can choose a design that matches your other fixtures and fittings. A choice of finishes and stains also helps ensure that shutters fit in with your colour schemes.

And if you choose a wooden design, there remains the option of sanding and repainting them should you change the colour scheme in your room.


How do you choose which is right for you?

Generally the choice between blinds, curtains and window shutters is purely personal. However, you should carefully consider which fits best with the rest of your décor. If you live in a period house for instance, a design that matches will probably be preferable.

You could also take advantage of the free design consultation service offered by Thomas Sanderson which will help you properly review each of the available options. By taking accurate measurements, the design consultant will be able to exactly define what will best fit your windows.

So just like any other item of your redecoration plans, there should be a window covering option to meet your needs.