It is not a pleasant feeling to wake up in the morning to a cold shower because the plumbing is leaking or because the boiler has simply stopped working. Of course, most of us do not notice any problems until it is too late and we are washing our faces with bitterly cold water before we go to work. This is because the plumbing in our homes simply does a job behind the scenes without any interference from us but when it has problems, we definitely know about it!

When You Have Plumbing Problems

A network of pipes around our homes ensures that we have water for all of the daily things we need such as clothes washing, washing dishes, showering, bathing, and drinking. It also ensures that our waste water can leave the home to be processed elsewhere and is one of the central foundations of any sanitation system. But how do you know when the plumbing is leaking, when the central heating is not working as it should be, or when the boiler is on the blink? How do you know when you’ll need Staffordshire central heating – installation and servicing?

Here are some of the signs and symptoms that you should look out for:

  • Pipes: The majority of plumbing in a home is hidden behind walls or under the ground so determining that there is an issue can be tough. One of the best indicators that something is amiss with the plumbing is when the water pressure suddenly drops or becomes erratic. Do you have to turn the tap fully just to get any reasonable water pressure out of the tap or shower head? If so, this could be an indicator of a leaky pipe somewhere.
  • Boiler: Either gas or electrically powered these days, the boiler ensures that we have hot water in the home. The problem is that boilers simply wear out and corrode over time. Look for obvious leaks around your boiler, pools of water, or other indicators of internal tank corrosion such as rusty brown water from the taps.

Most homeowners aren’t professional plumbers and it can sometimes be difficult to identify when there is a problem. If you think that you have a plumbing, boiler, or central heating problem, call the experts out as soon as possible.